Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

(Aria Jenneth) #149

I guess that could make sense. The ones linked to the frigates acted a lot like our own drones, though-- they went inactive when the Triglavian ships went down.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #150

that’s because the small ones are not “truly” sentient, so they are indeed much closer to classic drones.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #151

I assume there’s no means to scoop any of the pacified rogue drones up for study? And there have been no signs of Sentient rogues inside the pockets?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #152

Not had the time to dive yet, so I’m only working based on report of other capsuleers.
For the first question, I do not know, but it’s unlikely and the safety of your ship could be compromised if the drone awaken inside your drone cargohold.
For your second question, TC recovered data seem to indicate that at least some of sentirent have been in there.
Does it have been sighted? I do not know.

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(Jorge Stanton) #153

I don’t know why you think glowing in the dark is a bad thing. Being able to naturally glow in the dark sounds awesome! :smiley:

(Arrendis) #154

An additional Triglavian subrole for the cruisers, and I think the Leshak as well: Harrowing. Also heavy damage and remote assistance, but so far I haven’t observed these trying to get range. Of course, using missiles and drones in my Gila, I’m not really paying much attention to their distance. They simply can’t get far enough away.

(Andreus Ixiris) #155

I’m sure this has already occured to people, but I’d just like to bring up a few things.

  • They have starships that conform almost perfectly to contemporary capsuleer size and firepower categories for frigate, cruiser and battleship. I’m hesitant to speculate on the variety of things this could mean without more data, but it’s… thought-provoking, to say the least.

  • In contrast to the Sleepers, no reverse-engineering was neccessary to make their technology capsule-compatible, which almost certainly suggests they use capsules or an equivalent technology themselves.

  • Filaments always seem to lead to Abyssal deadspace pockets with exactly three areas that always have gateways leading to the next one, the third area having an origin conduit you can use to get back out of Abyssal deadspace entirely. Conveniently, they never seem to deposit you in, say, the middle of nowhere, or within weapons range of a Triglavian civilian settlement (if such a thing exists) etc. This suggests that there’s a specific reason that filaments are bringing you to these places.

  • Triglavian ships don’t seem to violently explode after twenty minutes like ours do, so either their warp cores react differently to filaments or they get to the pockets via a more stable method.

  • The conduits connecting different areas seem to open up after you defeat all hostiles in a given area. I feel like these filaments represent some sort of… trial by combat? What we’ve deciphered of their writings does seem to support the idea that this is a feature of their culture.

(DrysonBennington) #156

I would be more concerned about where their Destroyers, Battle Cruisers and even Stealth Bombers might be holed up at.

The Triglavian’s might be the first entity to actively use Stealth Bombers on Capsuleers without any quarter given if they are planning on invading New Eden through one of the filaments that are used to open a gate into their space.

(Arrendis) #157

Or they might not.

(Dark Engraver) #158

I’d be more worried about offensive applications for their controlled singularity engines.What if they can use it as a weapon against planets and installations around new eden rather than as a power source.

(Arrendis) #159

And how would it be used? Are you proposing they’d use the singularity to consume planets or otherwise wreak gravitational havoc? Considering they use 3 of them to power their gates, I don’t have much difficulty thinking they can generate one in a housing similar to the cups on the closed gate, fire it down into the atmosphere of a planet, and then have the shell break away to leave the singularity uncontrolled.

Hell, considering we have the blueprints to build their battleships, we can do that, now. Creating the singularity and keeping it stable is the hard part. Dropping the bomb and watching it go off is easy.

So ask yourself: what offensive actions have we seen from them? You’re worried about the offensive application of technologies they’ve more or less handed to us (don’t want us to have them? Maybe don’t leave the literal schematics for this tech sitting in a can that might as well be labelled ‘Prize Pinata’). I’d be more worried about what we’ll do with it.

They haven’t shown any signs of wanting to come here to blow stuff up.

Like I said: we’re dropping ourselves into a combat testing ground. The only real question is whether they’re testing our tech… or our problem-solving capabilities.

(Dark Engraver) #160

I suspect it’s not as easy as you make it sound both the isogen10 and zero point condensates are refined/processed by triglavians elsewhere their blueprints allow us to manufacture the engine according to their specs but that doesn’t mean we know entirely how it works or how it can be altered to suit other means
The fact whenever a triglavian ship is destroyed it doesn’t lose control of the core engine to leave a naked singularity behind shows some exceptional mastery of a very chaotic energy source.If you were to try and expose an engine to a planet just copying the materials and build off what we have now I bet it won’t work the singularity may not even form.

Being the masters of their own tech for now only triglavians could cause a catastrophic singularity bomb in my opinion

(Arrendis) #161

This isn’t something you can just extrude out and have it work. Let’s not forget that fact. Your ship’s crew needs to be able to maintain this stuff. Facilities need to be able to repair them.

That doesn’t happen, just fumbling about in the dark.

Moreover, I’d be highly skeptical if these singularities are large enough to be self-sustaining. Small ones tend to evaporate themselves, if not forcibly maintained. Otherwise, blowing up a half-dozen of their ships in one go, in extremely close proximity to one another, would be extraordinarily bad.

(Dark Engraver) #162

There is 1 thing they could benefit a lot from by coming up here tho actually 2 perhaps.

Their ships are classified as tech1 altho they are more advanced than most navy and some pirate unique ship designs.What if they don’t know about morphite? It’s not a very old discovery for us either using it they could seriously beef up their ships.

Secondly there’s a ridiculous number of rogue drones up here for them to take over aswel as in the regions known as dronelands. It would beef up their threat level beyond anything we encountered so far.
The rogue drones are mostly content to looking after their hives and gathering scraps yet they have shown themselves to be very capable in combat.

(Arrendis) #163

First: We don’t know nearly enough about them to begin speculating about what they don’t know.

Second: The general thrust of evidence so far is that yes, they’re already in contact with the Drone Regions swarms.

(Dark Engraver) #164

If they are in good contact then why haven’t any drone controlled models similar with the thanatos carrier or nyx supercarrier which have been appearing in dronelands made a show in abyssal space?
And why haven’t any more advanced models from abyssal space made a showing in the dronelands or elsewhere?
So far what we gathered about the drones is that these were part of smaller hives which the triglavians coerced into aiding them

(Valerie Valate) #165

Perhaps such hulls are unable to properly cope with the conditions in abyssal space ?

(Arrendis) #166

Possibly because…

You know, controlled conditions. We’re only seeing one type of Drifter battleship, too, after all. No Apollos. No Artemises (Artemes?), no Hikantas. No superweapons’ fire.

As for why Abyssal RDs aren’t being seen in the dronelands… if they have room to pursue their goals in the Abyss, why would they want to go and have to compete with the other swarms for space? The evidence we’ve seen indicates the Trigs are in contact with the swarms. Not ‘the Trigs are controlling all the swarms’ or even ‘getting along with all the swarms’.

Which, again, brings us back to the ‘controlled combat testing’ thing. We encounter RDs because they’re part of the test. You’re looking at them as something that ‘would beef up their threat level beyond anything we encountered so far’. But there’s currently no indication that the Triglavians have any interest in being a threat.


We are conducting incursions into their infrastructure. We have no evidence that they’re a threat, or that they’re likely to become a threat. What we have is CONCORD’s policy of assigning ‘Suspect’ status to anyone who goes diving into the deeper pockets. They don’t do that with people who go in and assault Drifter Hives, and we’ve seen that the Drifters are not only capable of, but pretty darn amenable to, reprisal attacks that headshot whole empires.

It suggests that CONCORD, as well, is in on the ‘controlled experiments’ thing. If they wanted us to get to the bottom of things, they’d encourage us diving deep. If they wanted us thinning the ‘enemy’ numbers, they’d incentivize it with LP and bounties. If they wanted us to stay out, and not bring ‘dangerous’ technology back, they’d use criminal tags.

They haven’t done any of that. The faction warzones have demonstrated that CONCORD and the empires want capsuleers kept… busy. Distracted. Not idle, where we might get ideas about having a lasting impact in the world or leveraging our ‘immortality’ into scary things like becoming politicians who can theoretically amass millennia of experience. And this may be just another facet of it. Remember, CONCORD still haven’t released any details on how they found/recovered that first Trig ship, nor the condition or whereabouts of the crew.

This may well be CONCORD finding a new group of human offshoots (I mean, hell, we’re using their BPCs and the ships have instrumentation and access systems our crews can use[1]), ones who have a culture that seems to be built around persistent viability trials, and initiating cooperative relations… to put us in another Skinner box. A new maze for the rats they can’t let start sniffing for cracks in their cages.

  1. This indicates either a)their crews are similar to us in size and basic bodyform, or b)these BPCs we’re recovering were designed for us to use. The odds of a truly alien species having such a similar bodyform purely by chance are staggeringly tiny.

(Dark Engraver) #167

I don’t agree 1 bit with the drifters being part of a test trial the reasons for their super weapon not working is simple their ships got damaged by abyssal space.if you took a close look at our drifter enemies inside the abyss they all have exactly same amount of damage this could’ve been caused easily by forcing their ships to dive directly through the crushing abyssal space also many who have observed drifters noticed the over shield and super weapon may be dependant on one another if in this case hull damage affects drifter over shield it’ll affect the weapon too

(Arrendis) #168

We don’t even know if the Karybdis has the superweapon. To speculate on why they’re not firing it is orders of magnitude beyond anything we’re in any position to assess. All we can say is that they’re not firing it.