Triglavian soverignity?

Did the empires officially recognise the Triglavian Collective as a sovereign nation, or did they just give up on the land?


Well they are an assembly of clans (cades) with quite a lot of infighting we have seen. No the empires have not recognized trigs as a sovereign nation yet. I personally hope they never do as a person who fought hard for the Cadari State it would be a slap in the face to the veterans who fought against them.


It doesn’t make sense (yes I know it’s just a game).

Maybe I missed something in the lore, but it seems the Trigs just came out of nowhere and carved out Pochvin for their own.

Where had they been all this time before?

Their society had to develop and grow somewhere.
Their abyssal technology had to be tested somewhere and someone notice.



Also, I’m not really sure why all the nations were fighting the Triglav. It appears to just basically be a period of rapid and violent expansion, which all the other empires also have done. And as to infighting, that happens a lot in the empires too! My personal viewpoint is that the empires don’t want another nation muscling in on their patch.
Why aren’t the Triglavian Collective allied with, or formally recognised by, the other nations? Sorry for the long title.

I don’t keep track of Eve lore, but I’d like to think that not only do they not recognize trig sovereignty, but that they also use all sorts of political doublespeak when talking about it. For example, “conquered systems” would become “systems with gate network disruptions” and “billions of dead civilians” becomes “unaccounted for persons.”

Anyway, you’d probably get more responses if you posted in the fiction section. Some of the lore boys read and post in other forum sections, but it does look like at least some of them keep to the lore sections… where they belong.

No P2W


Yet they havent done anything to stop it vOv

Didn’t the Empire Factions ban together to form EDENCOM and recruit Capsuleers to help ?

Even though some Capsuleers did turn into treacherous Kybernauts, the current situation could have been much worse if most Capsuleers didn’t help Edencom…

With the result they R&D’d some of the most useless ships and weapons ever (Edencom) and I dont seem to recall seeing any State capitals deployed? Or State assests bigger than a couple dozen ships at a time. Ive been told by RPers that NPC Empire capabilities are far in excess of Null Empires, thats why Null hasnt steamrollered them yet.

But in short, given the resources at their disposal it looks like the Empires said screw you guys to all the citizens in those systems. Especially given how easy it is to get in and out of Poochie.

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The attack’s magnitude might have been just a display of power, not just trying to get territory.

They did and they didn’t.

Ccp loves to write new plot lines. Then they get bored of them and drop them for years. Sometimes they take old plot lines and Frankenstein them into new ones. The latter is what happened here.

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What was the old plot line?

you’re going to want to look into the old jove factions

Those darn Jovians again. :roll_eyes:

There was the Joveniles, they were the young faction, the Bon Joves, they were the old has-been faction and the Hohoho Jovus Noel, the red and white faction that the Yule Lads were part of.

Remember them, CCP?


Time to abort the Trigs.

Let’s just cut New Eden’s losses. Give ‘Pochven’ space back… as if its real in the first place.

Remove the ships and refund SP for them.

Let’s end this ridiculous experiment. It’s been like an over drawn-out ‘Blackout’.

Come on CCP. Do the right thing.

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