"Trillions of Federation Minmatar would be alienated or perhaps even abandoned by Republic" - Elusenian government-in-exile requests clarification regarding the Republic Government's position towards diaspora in event of possible alliance suspension

Are the Minmatar living in the Federation not citizens of the Federation like any other? Why do they need to worry so much about the Republic’s politics?

I personally don’t think they do. But I’m an optimist, and there are a lot of capsuleers who stray pretty close to Luc Duvailer’s politics.

“They’re free to go back to where they came from” is a primo sign of that.

If you think about it all four of the major powers are made up of seperate important peoples. Even in Amarr, who have forcefully conquered much of their empires population, has peoples once enslaved entirely rise to important positions centuries later.

Certainly a slow, backwards progression, especially to a Gallante, or probably even Caldari, who may be even more focused on performance based promotion, despite lack of personal liberties.

Especially since some of those Minmatar have been there for two centuries. Five or six generations of being Federation citizens. But racist bastards gonna racist bastard, I guess.


I’m not racist.

In fact it’s usually Minmatar who actually think things like race or tribe are actually real and not just wholly arbitrary social constructs.

And yet you’re all too ready to tell ethnic Minmatar citizens of the Federation to “leave and go back where they came from.”

Which I’m curious about, by the way. Do you mean their planet of birth? My friend Tuk was born on Luminaire. Do you want him to go back there?

Do you mean the Republic? No one in Tuk’s ancestry has ever been a citizen of the Republic.

Do you mean the Empire, as a slave?

No, I was responding to the idea that Minmatar in the Federation would require “rescuing” from the Republic in similar fashion to slaves in the Empire.

Rescue from what?

Nothing is keeping Minmatar in the Federation here and nothing is keeping them from leaving if those are their choices.