Trolling the Pub for Women

If the Force gets the wingy bit fit atop the ship after the pub, then so be it.

Neckbeards tend to be on the rotund side. So don’t forget the basement dwelling pencil neck geeks.

Anyway, as my co-worker Otis in Texas says, if he’s still alive, “For every jack there’s a jenny.” (That’s what male and female donkeys are called). So for every neckbeard or skinny geek, there’s a female counterpart out there somewhere. Although, like anything else in life, sometimes realistic compromises to wishes and expectations must be made. By both parties. Wow, that was deep… ::contemplates and enjoys own profundity for a while::

That’s true. Also it’s why some jacks and jennies prefer to not look for the jennies and jacks that could suit them. :thinking:

Indeed. One of my wife’s friends who has never married is always looking for a Brad Pitt, a 10 on an attractiveness scale of 1-10. But she’s not a 10 herself. (Maybe a 6-8).

On the other hand, one of the happiest couples I’ve ever met were both hugely obese. They’d been married for years, and they were still like boyfriend and girlfriend having a great time. For example, the husband got in a hammock, and the steel bars supporting it from both ends started bending. With every rock of the hammock back and forth, they would flex in and out. It looked like the whole thing could implode with the next rotation. The wife started laughing about that to him (he being heavy enough to threaten destruction of a steel structure). And after being embarrassed about the situation for about a half-second, he admitted the humor of it and his wife’s teasing, and started smirking too. They were always playing around like that, they were like a two-person team going through life and having fun.

Point to the story:
Being a regular sex-obsessed/don’t know what sex is/diligently researching 13-year-old at the time, my puzzling question was: “How could these two unattractive people both have been attracted to each other? What are the odds? And obviously, they’re in love and they do the wild thing together every night.” [I knew that because they were house guests for about a month, and every morning they came out of their guest bedroom talking together, cheerful, ready for breakfast, shining, full of good greetings for everybody and looking forward to another day with everybody].

Moral to the story(?):
a) I still quote Otis-- For every jack, there’s a jenny.
Everybody wants to get on the top 1% most beautiful enticing hens in the yard. Or be noticed by the top 1% rooster.
That might lead to some intoxicating heartbreak love. And some children and bill paying over years. The blues and its univited son rock and roll would not exist without this. It’s the story of the nation of humans, for 30k years, after all.

b) Maybe run into a somebody that you just like calling up and talking to? For true, no matter what their body form, if you guys want to talk on the phone everyday… you might be able to be best roommates forever

I’m engaged for 8 years now, and despite estrangement, warfare, terrorists attacks, economic boycott and other blatant lame excuse to attack and attempt to cover up and divert from the fact and interfere against the safe keeping of the inventory of data and information, we are still together.

People usually try to bombard me with attacks attempting to discredit me and interfere against our love, which, sorry to say, only serves to fuel us, and give us more proof of how deviant they are, and refuse to prosecute crimes in acts of war (certainly not love).

The devil thrives in war and revel in deceit which is another important trait of war, not peace, unless one can find peace in war, which does happen, and should end up like that by the way, as it is the only way to end it.

The best thing about being from MMMerica is that the Women of Eve Online are just so mmmmm.

Try that barrel roll on them at the Pub.



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Nobody really asked you for any points now did they miss perfect pants flying in a capsule?

Perfect pick up lines or conversation starters at the Pub.

My love for you is like a live grenade,

in the palm of my hand,

here take it quick,

before it gets away.

Chance of me saying I love you…0%

You’re more likely to get hit by a garbage truck though.

Most people wear a religious artifact,

around their neck,

to show their love,

for their spouse.


I wear a hand grenade,

on a chain,

pull any time.

She loves me,

She loves me not,

She loves me,

She loves me not,

She…why the hell should I go through the trouble of pulling petals?

When I can eat the flower and stem and taste how disgusting

my love for her really is.

When I think,
of my love for you,
I want to suffocate myself,
with my pillow.

If my love for you,
isn’t enough,
then let me pour you,
a nice warm cup of shut the hell up,

If your beauty,
was but a live hand grenade,
you’d be spread,
all over the room.