Trolling the Pub for Women

War Heads on Foreheads

Gentlemen this is your first HOP so pay attention. You only get one shot or she will splash you.

Multiple targets, multiple scores, but its always that black ops fighter pilot squad that flies with the propeller chicks you gotta be careful of. They are alluring and sure to catch your eye.

Cool points are at stake as is your dignity and your wallet. Competition is…stiff to say the least.

Call signs “Dryson and Draugr” will be your instructors.

With the invention of the Internet there is new method of leading your targets, aka “Pub Hotties” and dispatching the Gold Diggers.

First waypoint is too establish a fitting false radar signature that the Black Ops “Gold Diggers” go after. That false radar sig is as simple as spreading rumors to a former girlfriend that you bought a former girlfriend a very expensive ring, lets say $5,000 in value.

“Good evening gentlemen the temperature is a cool 75 degrees.”

Stay on my wing gentlemen they are watching you as well. They have their own networks that they have in place. Real radar towers that are hidden very well in the mountains.

There they go those, the red head and black haired ones over by the dance floor. Once seeded they will be watching you from every angle remember that. Remember they always fly and operate in packs.

Here she comes…the black haired one head to head with you. She opens up close range with a “Hello” tosses her hair and blossoms, stay with her, don’t get caught in the barrel roll. She continues to engage you with pleasantries trying to “get to know you.” She already knows about the “ring” but she isn’t sure if the signature is real or not. She’s probing you, looking for a weak link in your electronics system to jam you with. She want’s to know if the “ring” was real.

All she knows is the rumors that she has heard about the break up and how distraught you seemed after the break up. Trust “Gold Diggers” have their own intelligence members that keep track on such things, guaranteed.

When she gets really personal about her own lost love and begins to talk about passionate thing as if she is opening up too you she is really trying to get you to open up and make a mistake that she can pounce on. She wants you too feel sorry for her so it will put her in the same emotional mindset that you were once in. She wants you too feel like she is vulnerable so that you will make a move. She might also be working with a boyfriend either real or fake to add the trap.

This is the fun part gentlemen.

“Break now Draugr!”

After reading her you can simply op to disengage and make her follow and by using other people in the pub block her from her other Diggers that are just slightly out of range but are close by and listening. If she is genuinely interested in trying to dig you for that “ring” she will follow you.

Especially if you hear someone in the crowd say, “She wants a ring first or she mentions that she has to have a ring first.”

If she says “that she wants a ring first.” or asks you “what would you say if I loved you?” You can be guaranteed that the false radar ‘ring’ signature is active and has drawn her in. She has the belief that you are so alone that you would run out the next day and buy a ring, that is her hope.

“Keep coming…that’s it.”

Once you know that you have her at a ping point is when bring your wing man in and drop a stink bomb on her to make her drop back but continue to come at you from long range. She wants that ring. That’s the only thing that she wants.

Her wing women will continue to bait you with comments such as “she doesn’t like you, you’re banned from talking too her, etc.” Her intel community will even track you down to where you work and what video games you play on line where she will use her ‘body language’ and curves to get other males on your tail hoping to run you off as they pursue her themselves.

Once again the counter radar signature that she is using is that one male had been pursuing her or the golden band of the ring with her in the center as the diamond. At that point the diamond isn’t sparkling until all of the men that she has illicited with her curves and sexy attitude are fighting over her making sparkles all around her, the Queen of Diamonds.

The drama will get so intense that the males will call the local radio stations where you live and talk in their code that only you know what is being talked about as they communicate across numerous channels to try and upset you. They will even employ men who sound like the QOD to talk on the radio as if they were her.

Then she tries to set the trap by directing you too the business where the fake sounding version of her is working. Her goal…to get you too buy a ring, a Shulotzobling ring…that she will then break up with you after a few months of promising the nookie. She then sells the ring and moves onto her next kill.

Nice try with the officer Doofy scam…nice try.

That’s when you can toss the sheet over her and rack up a kill and deny her the ‘real ring’ that she has heard so much about…nice try kids…Players don’t get played…Bingo.

This post made me believe that I accidently came across some incel forum.



Edited…please read again from the start.

There is a song about it:


Is there a tl;dr?

I never know what to expect with a dryson post.


If you have to use tl;dr then you assume that you know what the article is about.

Im not using it, im asking for it.



Still going from here 0-------------0 and trying to create two realities into one.

Nice try Todd Kennedy, your scouts got caught.

Great works well when you are grate.

It takes 2 whiskey to make a tango mix foxtrot.

Top 10 recycled drinks are popular.

Haven’t read the whole thing yet, but the trolling* the pub instead of the club part sounds like good advice. The mistake I and 100% of my friends made in our prowling years was to do our roams in happening bars and clubs. Sure, lots of beauteous ladies around, in groups and carefully made up for the outing. But-- you cannot communicate with one another through spoken language! With the volume levels, should you approach and greet a person who seems not too unreceptive, your greeting and introduction are going to just be lip-read, with lights flashing and changing colors behind you. With maybe some strobes. Even worse, when your polite, pretty sympathetic, and seemingly OK maybe-friend responds to your greeting-- you didn’t hear a bloody word of what she said back.

What’s the point? I suppose if you’re a John Travolta, Julio Iglesia, or Julio, Jr character. Or your hometown’s version. You might get some results. Maybe better way to meet ladies is in their natural habitats: Workplace. Gym (don’t do any incredibly stupid stuff, just work to make your body stronger, no pressure); Starbucks hanging, buying, hipster loitering

*Trolling (disambiguation, maybe). US English: In saltwater or freshwater fishing, to trail out a lure behind a boat and slowly tow it through the water, to attract fish.


Is this a post for basement dwelling neckbeards?


Neckbeards with severe arthritis requiring the use of braces on both legs, degenerating cartilage in the back and knees along with a torn meniscus ? Then yes.

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Lots of places have no basement and only access to 2nd floor.
It’s only pure propaganda from the early 1980s…

your fox is broken… or are you giving your wimmins chopped up foxes???

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It’s for WTF. Or, With The Force…

As in, May The Force Be With You, on the 4th or not.

But yes, the fox is broken and it has a dead horse on it.

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Wow, ■■■■…

It’s not a broken fox, it’s Whiskey and Tango and Fox and (horse) trot.

A broken fox would say something completely different.