True Stories

Has anything interested ever happened to you? Tell your true stories or mostly true stories here.

In 1993 or so in Japan, a human head was found in a coin locker in the train station in Kyoto. Eventually a lesbian hairdresser confessed to the crime of killing and beheading her girlfriend. (My roommate’s girlfriend has just graduated from hairdressing school and started working at a salon, and he used say to her, “Keep an eye on your co-workers!” or “Watch your head!”). Anyway, a month or two later I was at Kyoto station, and needed to stow a bag while I did some sighseeing. And at the entrance of the coin locker area was this official sign, in Japanese and English:
Do not put these things in a coin locker:
-Living thing
-Human head

A joke by some railroad official? Or just something really inane? We will never know.

(By the way, in the hallway of the coin locker room, I saw a couple walking along holding hands. The guy was a white guy who’d be exceptionally short in his country, and the girl was Japanese, and exceptionally tall for her country. Like, she was two feet taller than him. I thought that was kind of ironic. Like, they could have thought at some point: “If I go to Japan, girls won’t think I’m tall.” “If I go to Europe/USA/Aussie, guys won’t think I’m tall.”


i play eve…true story bro.


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