Almost Got Shot Today

On the way to work a Karen started yelling at me from her car because I made a right hand turn at a red light.

I stuck my head out the window to say something to her, my hat came off and I proceeded to follow her through the light, not because I going after her, but because I needed to make a left hand turn to go back in the direction I came from to get my hat.

On the way back I didnt see my hat, I then went back home and got another hat. On the way back, I saw my hat on the ground. I didnt notice the two police cruisers in front of me until after I got out of my car.

I started to walk towards my hat in the of the two lanes, once the cop saw me, he got out of his car, and pulled his gun, not certain if he had it out or not, but he instructed me to get back into my car, which I did. I then told him I was trying to get my hat, which he picked up and returned to me, fist bumpef after I told him who I was and we went about our business.

The Karen was in a Rogue and was Holmes county and had probably called the cops after yelling at me from her car because she probably thought I was coming after her.


Calm down shopper Karen

/never had a firearm pointed at me,

Been cut, bitten, broken plates, wooden spoon, saucepan belted over my head and hot water poured onto my face while sleeping by my ex wife 30 years ago.

//its only fair to say that I use to drink a lot back then.

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Anyone else have a similar experience?

Lets build a community of friendship over this sh*t.

What a stereotypical American story!

I’ll go next.

On my way to work yesterday when I turned left at the old windmill the rain started pouring down. I cycled on, but had forgotten to bring my rain jacket so by the end of my commute I was completely soaked.


Gotta be careful bro, after playing eve for so long people take one look into your eyes and see 100’s of ship losses worth of experience and get intimidated.


Me next:

Been stopped by police but in the UK 90% of the time no guns involved and it’s mostly chilled if you’re not an idiot.

One time was making a left turn at a roundabout, on the right side a police car sat monitoring traffic , my friend who I was giving a lift to thought the police had broken down and he pointed and laughed. The police saw this and then me making a left turn , they thought I was trying to get away from them . Seconds later the police interceptor was on top of me blue lights flashing. The police asked what I was doing , I said just dropping my friend off at college. Think they were disappointed , he asked why did you point at us I said my mate was laughing because he thought you broke down, so they check his ID too. He explained they stopped me because of the car and the pointing, it was a fast car . I think they hoped for a car chase

Shot at in the army but that’s part of the job description.

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Aiko tell us a real life story about yourself go on be a sport.

And not a Beirut story or Lebanon🤭
Or ganking me in your electric car as kids.

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Inb4 Calm down hun :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp: :blush:

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That reminds me of the near death experience I had when I was cycling, the car missed me just by 10 cm, driving past me.

If everyone would be cycling that wouldnt happen.


On the night that I had met my ex-wife I had gone to Sydney Hordern pavilion to see a snap concert, went there with a girlfriend and my mate with his girlfriend.

Coming home driving through the City, bright flashing lights the girl who I was with had an epileptic fit in the back seat of my HZ Holden Kingswood.

I quickly pull over to the side of the road and run around the back of the car to drag her out of the back seat to try and safely lay her out on the sidewalk. This was Pit Street Sydney late night.

As we are getting her out of my car I noticed that I hadn’t pulled the handbrake and the car started to creep backwards so I ran around to the driver’s door to pull the brake and place it into park. The commotion noticed by two police officers who ran up to me and pinned m to the side of my car just after I had pulled the handbrake.

They had thought we were dumping this poor girl 18 who was as still young n an epileptic fit on the sidewalk.

I struggled and turned to one of the officers to my left and yelled call an ambulance she is having a fit.

Released but there was a lot of tension between the two officers who thought I was trying to just do what I thought was best.

I had used a blanket that was kept at the back to cover my expensive speakers and used that as a pillow.

Later drove her to the hospital.

Yes I met my ex wife but she wasn’t the girl I was with at the concert. Met my ex wife at the line up for buying orange juice before all all happened.


Dude, it isn’t a story. It really happened. There are about 50 people that can attest to the incident.

What I’m really concerned with is, don’t I get a hat or shirt, maybe a bumper sticker for my car, or a stripe to mark the occasion?

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Your story that had happened to you is now imprinted into your mind and now it’s up to you how you are able to deal with such events.

Countless times when police open fire on situations that have occurred where the victim is not a danger to the public.

Take a moment and look upon your own wellbeing and thank your blessings that you are okay to share your story here today.

Take care @DrysonBennington let’s do something in New Eden this weekend to help replace that event with something that will make things go smoother for you next week as your mind tries to revisit such horrible event before you work next week.

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No you calm down Uriel this is a peaceful thread to share and reflect on various traumatic events!:popcorn:

/now not asking for stories that are in a locked file like the one my psychiatrist has or your psychiatrist had decided that they needed to be locked from public records

If you check my post it refers to what Aiko might say not something I say. :wink:


I understand and agree some things are best kept secret.

On a brighter side I had been feeding these two stray cats 3 times a day for around a year now


Do they gank miner rodents? :blush:

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A while ago my son was in the hospital for an appendectomy. I was staying with him in the hospital (he was a minor at the time) and my wife and her sister also were there to visit. (As a bit of a back story I am an Appalachian American, my wife is a Chinese immigrant, and her younger sister immigrated to Sweden from China, but was visiting us in the States.) We had eaten in the hospital cafeteria one too many times, and the three of us went to a fast-food place to get out of the hospital for a little bit, with the promise of getting the kid a frosty. We stopped at a Wendy’s and I ordered while my wife and her sister found a table and were talking to themselves. The guy in front of me in the line was dressed in a silver track suite with track shorts on. He seemed to be friendly with the woman taking the orders as they were chatting and flirting. The guy was in his late twenty’s I am guessing, not a high school kid in his school track uniform. The track suit was a little strange, but weirder yet was the guy had a full sized 1911 sticking out of the waste band of his running shorts. It was cocked and locked as the saying goes. He didn’t have an iwb holster, it was just jammed into the waistband of his shorts. As I said, the guy with the pistol and the cashier seemed to be good friends, they were a little flirty with each other. It didn’t feel like it was a robbery in progress or anything of the like. He just hung out and gossiped with the cashier as I waited for our food. We got our order, then headed back to the hospital.
Being an Appalachian American myself I am not weirded out by firearms, and the guy was not acting threatening in the least bit, as I said he seemed to be very friendly with the cashier, it was just surreal to stand next to the guy with the 1911 sticking out of his running shorts. It felt like I had walked into a scene from a Tarantino or Guy Ritchie movie

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So I started playing this game EvE Online.

It’s going well for me.

Check out all the Aiko art: More Art – ‎James 315 Space