Trying to figure out how big the ships are

Hey hi! I’m trying to put together a spreadsheet of how big EVE’s ships are, but there are a bunch that I cannot seem to find any information on anywhere. I know there were a couple images produced a while ago that listed many ships from the four main factions, but I can’t find any information for example on the unique ships used by the Sisters of EVE. Does anyone have any sort of information that could be useful? I suppose I could just compare to something on one of those old pictures but that’d be approximate at best.

The overview has the size of each item in meters in the far right hand column. When you measure boats and ships, it is a natural standard to go lengthwise (bow to aft).

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Ingame overview?

The ships are as big as your monitor or flatscreen. When I zoom out completely the ship is as big as a mosquito and when I zoom in it’s about 90 inches from bow to stern.

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Here are some visuals;


According to the overview a Venture is 82 meters. A regulation FIFA football (aka soccer) pitch is 105 x 68 meters. My venture would hog up the field.

They sure do look a lot smaller in outer space.

Fly safe! o7


That size column is not correct, however. It tells me that an Azbel is 170 km big, which is not the case. The Azbel’s long axis is only 87 km. And an Ansiblex is not 26 km but 14 km.


Likewise, if the Size column tells you that a Venture is 82 m, it’s also incorrect because the actual long axis of the Venture is actually 133 m.

Overall, size measurements in EVE are extremely wonky and weird. The ship 3d preview that you open via clicking on the object image in the Show Info window has the sort of most accurate length measurements.

With that logic, George Clooney is about 12 inches tall in Ocean’s Eleven.

@Dyver_Phycad sounds like some one needs to work on their database? I don’t think I would care for my bank telling me I have somewhere between 1,200 to 4,300 dollars in my checking account. Then giving me a shrug and saying, what does it matter anyway?


Haha! :smile: Depends on your screen. He’s about 25-30 inches on my tv depending if it’s a wide shot or close-up. Sometimes they have a big head though :woman_shrugging:

I think that size column might be measuring the collision box of an object. If that is the case, the 170 km size of the Azbel makes sense because of the huge docking sphere (although I believe it’s not that big :thinking:). However, that would not explain why the Venture has a smaller collision sphere than its long axis.

I just happened to look at a Porpoise and this mismatch between Size column and Long Axis value matches sort of to describe the collision box bubble <> 3D model difference because the Porp has a very tightly fitting shield bubble around it.


Could the value in the overview column be the signature radius perhaps?

It would make sense to have that value in the overview, as signature radius, together with other values in the oveview like velocity, distance, angular velocity are all relevant for damage calculations.

The actual size of ships is much less relevant for gameplay, but can be found when you click the icon of the ship in the ship info window.

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Size in the overview indeed is related to the signature size, not the actual size. Imagine it as an electromagnetic/heat/gravitational/whatever source your sensors can track and lock on. The bigger, the faster to lock.
You can look at people before and while using the MWD for example - MWD usage increases signature. You should see the size column jump up.

I always look at the preview, which afaik gives the actual size/length.


A Titan is around 3 inches long, so thatll help scale the others

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Make sense, but then the column name is very unintuitive. There is no Size attribute and if relates to Sig Radius, it should have that name so that people can clearly connect the dots.

On the other hand: The Azbel sig radius is 100 km according to the Show Info and there are no modules that increase sig radius of an Upwell structure as far as I know. If this column indeed refers to Sig Radius, it’s potentially broken for that, too.

Sounds like something guys would say lol

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