Trying to merge SOE with Amarr traditionalists

First of all I’m not that great with lore, I know the backgrounds of most things but other than that I don’t actively participate in lore, never have. So as I’m trying to mould my corp and its corp info I’m struggling a bit, lets hope someone here can help.

There are two sides to this corp: SOE and Amarr traditionalists. SOE is obvious but it needs a subversive “Amarr for Amarr only”, “there is only one true race” Amarr baby boomer asshole traditionalists (in the bad sense of the word) undertone added to it.

The goal is to do Bus runs like Mike does them but ONLY in Amarr space, ONLY with combat ships and ONLY help True Amarr capsuleers in a “Make Amarr Great Again” kind of way. I’ve been looking at the Ardishapur which certainly comes in handy but I don’t think it will cover it all.

I’d like to come up with a Corp info lore text that explains this all without going into so much detail newbies won’t understand, but at the same time will explain it good enough in order not to have to explain it to them all the time.

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this will fully address your concerns, but a few things come to mind:

Sisters of EVE are heavily based on religion, but while their religion appears to be similar to the Amarr religion (monotheistic, supposedly based on service), it’s somewhat different in that its main focus is the God-Beyond-the-Gate. They’re also decidedly neutral, and always have been. So it’s hard to combine SoE with an Amarr-supremacist viewpoint. At best, the group would have to be a splinter group with only superficial ties to the actual SoE organization.

You might be better off tying your corp to the Reclaiming–for example, maybe they follow SoE’s mandate to help others, but they do so by supporting True Amarr whose goals are to Reclaim others to God’s Light, or what-have-you.

Ardishapur is also possibly the worst Amarr house for what you’re thinking of. They’re religious traditionalists, true, but they’re also one of the least Amarr-exclusive houses. For just one example of their recent actions, they raised an Ammatar governor to the rank of Holder.

I’m not as great with the alignment of the Amarr houses, so someone who’s more familiar might correct me on this, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna want Sarum or possibly Kador instead.

Without trying to sound uppity or anything, it might really help if you do spend a bit of time glancing through the lore. There’s a lot of it, but you could probably just browse the Amarr stuff and wiki-walk through it. I say that just because we can provide you with starting points, but only you are really gonna have an idea of where you’re going with it. Besides, the stuff you find in the lore might inspire you too. :smiley:


Thank you for your reply, I’ve been doing some more digging based on what you wrote and found some stuff I can use. I didn’t know of that lore tidbit about Ardishapur and after what Jamyl pulled I had kinda discarded Sarum. Seems I had it wrong.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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