Trying to remember name of very old free to play game

So way back in the day there was a shooter type game that was free online… Im feeling nostalgic so I’ll give the details I can remember and see if anyone else remembers it.

It was a free download I believe as I dont think browsers could handle it all that well back then… were talking 90s, maybe early 2000s

it was very … simple in its design, you had a map view always, no first person and you could see all the other players out there, the goal was simple… get the most kills

You could pick between a plasma like sniper that had infinite range… well until it hit a wall… they were rather annoying… then the others I remember were a soldier, heavy soldier, and an engineer… I dont recall any other classes.

They were generally small maps and I cant emphasize how simple this game was lol… but it was very addicting.

My older sister was addicted to it and got me to playing it when I was very young… xmas always makes me nostalgic of the time I had with her and this year for some reason that game is popping in my head… I was young though and I honestly dont remember the name of the game

I know its a 1 in a million shot but I figured it couldnt hurt to ask if anyone remembers a game like this.


Surely the panel of expert nerds here will have an accurate answer in no time.

You speak of classes…
Could it be Team Fortress Classic?

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