Gaming now vs then

This video is WoW themed but covers gaming nowadays as a whole vs how it used to be. I think they nailed it! A classic Eve server anyone?!


November 2018 News: 28th Wed - Update, 0942 EDT
1. 10 year update. Maybe a new Vanilla WoW… (WoW Classic). (The updates used to be linked at bottom and I removed them.)

I can understand wanting to relive the “old days”, but unfortunately, unless WoW Classic eventually clocks in at over 12 million subs, I don’t think there will be much to learn from the experiment. It’ll likely just be moderately populated by nostalgia and curiosity seekers. Kinda like re-playing Half-Life 2 or something. Great story, and is repayable a couple times, but mostly… “meh, been there, done that…”. Same would probably be true of an “EVE Classic”…

In my experience so far with some mmo´s often make a classic server is after 2-3 month people lose interests. Like Ragnarok online got a classic server because people wanted it. But about 4 month later that server was basically dead. Nostalgia can be good and bad but when it comes to mmos I learnt that as soon as they remember how it was back in the day how much grinding it was compared to today and how much features they enjoy today is lacking they just go right back to the normal server.

Same with eve going back to 2003 or 2005 or so when you started out you mostly will lose the nostalgia feel and be like man was it this bad, that´s often how it is.



Google Search:
"wow classic beta graphics"
wow classic beta graphics

Google Search :
wow classic beta numbers of users graphics

nothing in relation to the data of the numbers of beta users.
It only has computer graphics instead.

Eve and WoW are so different it’s a terrible comparison. MMOs generally dont have the great replayability as say Skyrim does. They need to keep changing and evolving or die. That’s why I can never understand when so many get upset over change in a MMO. It should be expected going into the game to begin with.

As far as the title of this thread. The most important fact to use when comparing now vs then is competition. The amount of games available since a game like WoW was peaking has at least quadrupled. That’s probably terribly underestimated. Far more I’m sure. Many games will have problems with retention now a days. Eve players should be thrilled with its current state.

In my opinion all online games can do is continue to release new affordable content with the least amount of issues. And that’s affordable for both company and players.

I can see why we would disagree on certain points, and in what conditions your statement are true, while omitting external factors, which does confound your communication and is intended to confound communication.

I don’t quite understand what your response is, but your graphs show what is basically intuitive knowledge. All games, whether MMO’s or even single player, reach their peak popularity and then only go downhill from there. Perhaps a handful have defied the odds, kinda like cult movies that bomb in the theaters but become more popular as classics. However, if there is a game that has bucked the trends, I haven’t seen it.

I have to agree with @Quor_Dresden, that it likely can only get worse for games in general, as there is so much competition out in the industry, and universities pump out more and more devs. MMO’s have at least one advantage, as was mentioned, is that they can keep making updates effectively reinventing themselves to keep interest up, although this can backfire as well. But it’s really an MMO’s only tool other than just stagnating.

First, the 08.27.2019 date is the release date of WoW Classic, which, since it is not out yet, has zero subscribers.
The only ones so far, are beta users, and the ones before.
I was in the original beta.
Will I join the new one, probably not.
I just found some new laws from 2009 and 2017 which, even though WoW is older, is related to my work, and, intuitive or not, copyright registration or not, delays and diversions and so on, is not worth for me or my families work an values at this time.
Sure there are more details about this, and sure, I will not post them here at this time.
I have my reasons.

As for being upset as a suggested excuse when the life cycle is dying, it comes as a method to kill it, not a complain, or something wrong, even if it is contrary to the negative that is suggested.

It can be due to change, or other factors, but mostly due to lack of understanding, and ignorance and so on.
Most games won’t cover acts of war, and deliberately do so state they don’t.

I don’t need to go in details as to what kind of military diversion can be interpreted as such, as encryption is a form of diversion, which, if done for good diplomatic reasons, is ok.
I also won’t get in details as to what is good diplomatic reasons, and also won’t get into details as to why it should be for good diplomatic reasons.
I have my reasons.

Secondly, the graph linked is not mine, and the graphs linked are not mine.

Popularity and user base may be or may not be related, however, there are details related to those as well.
Just to make generalization of facts when the details matters lead to errors and problems due to inaccurate data.

Even if I did go to university in this field, I am already in courts against them and will be for life.
I have my reasons and won’t post them here.
Good change is good, bad change is not so good, can be bad, and can be worst, depending.
To be scared of change, is about the same thing as to be scared of something being bad, and it can be bad to be scared.
Of course, that’s not guarantee (that to be scared is bad, as sometimes, it may be better), but if I base my assumptions on inaccurate statements, I will get the same problems and errors that those statement are intended to cause.

Thirdly, I posted a link to the Google result, however, none of those results are static from the link I posted, as they are expected to change over time.
I would have to post the result themselves.
However, the only graphics that are about the wow classic beta are not graphics about their beta user base numbers or related data.
That data is unpublished and kept by Blizzard.

I just posted above what the other conclusion I wrote after is about.

the first graph is WoW worldwide subs numbers 2005-2013 and beyond.
it goes from 1.5m to 12m to 1m, from 7m, for the future.
Could they run the game with only 1 million users, yes, but the infrastructure and costs would have to change.
The costs I refer to are the production costs.

6th, Subs estimate over time.
Same as before, except it stats from zero instead of 1m.

7th, Estimated number of WoW subs from 2015 to 2023 in millions
from 5.5 in 2015 to 5.75m in 2016 to 4.5m in 2023.
The cie doesn’t seem related to Blizzard.

8th, number of WoW subs from 1st quarter 2005 to 3rd quarter 2014 in millions
Again, those data are related to the accounting, and the inventory program related to those accounting.
I did program this in my course, and that is what we use to keep accurate data, and avoid clerical errors and fraud, besides other problems.

I disagree that to keep making updates to keep interest up works.
The only interest that goes up is the interest from the bank.
The user interest is not what is really serviced.
Most of the user interest comes from their actions in the game, with the game, in relation with the game, out of the game, with other people, how they interact with them, their success, failures and so on.

A game may need to update it’s code so to avoid being hacked and they don’t have to disguise it as a way to be good to me.
It is not only confusing and it is devious to me.
Do I discern it? Yes.
Should I? Yes.

Of course, if problems needs to be fixed , they should fix it , whether that is making a change, or whether that is to fix a code which wasn’t don’t propetly to solve a problem which was occurring.

The backfire they can get is listed as something they don’t deal with as part of the license and contractual offer for the license and services.
To say that they do is pretty funny.

There are a few factors for those systems, users participation, subscription fees, to pay their production bills, as the production only works with costs.
Now, when I hear security telling me I make no sense and try to forfeit my inventory and accounting, I get other security to protect my work against the attacks of the security trying to corrupt the security of my system.

That’s why I rather work on my own projects, as I can’t stand attempted attacks against my works.
It avoids me to misplace trust which is then abused.
I also don’t use their insurance.

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