Your all time favorite game

What’s your all-time favorite game - besides EVE, obviously ?

For me, it has to be Mount&Blade Warband and Bannerlord.
I also like Dawn of Man but it’s missing quite a few things before it beats M&B

What’s yours?

Witcher 3.


I saw a review and a walkthrough of that game. I’ll probably dowload it sometimes this year.

Mass Effect 1-3 is my all time fave, story is phenomenal. The Metal Gear series as well though it was often too clever for its own good.

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The Command and Conquer games made by Westwood Studios before EA killed the franchise after Yuri’s Revenge. I also like the Half-Life games.


I don’t like the isometric top-down games but I will install Half-Life: Alyx. That one is interesting!

sensible soccer

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The Half Life … :disappointed_relieved: Trilogy.

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Probably Call of Duty 3, but mostly without the glitchers. I can’t say I had that bad of time playing Tom and Jerry with the glitchers, but they got other people to quit and multiplayer is no fun alone.

I doubt I could play Call of Duty. I’d die every two seconds and that’s no fun :anguished:

Space Empires IV. The best 4X game ever made.

I shall put it to the test!

Battlefield 1942 and the wax paper hack for the maps with artillery. :smirk:

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Chromehounds .

Ultima Online

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Age of Empires


Portal 1-2

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