What else are you playing (pt. 2)

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I was playing demo version of Monster Hunter Rise lately. As someone who just remembers old releases in that series, it’s impressive for me how they improved gameplay and added many interesting mechanics.

Switching between farm Sim 19, avengers (love hate relationship) and spider-man: miles morales

Trainz Railroad Simulator 19 and The Elder Scrolls Online.

As the Americans might put it:

I kinda suck at all 3…

…But I’m having fun, so who cares?!


Having played Medieval Total War in the distant past like crazy, now I play Total War: Shogun 2. It is incredibly fun and brain stimulating.


Battlefleet Gothic Armada II

Spacehulk Deathwing

The Hunter call of the wild

How does it play currently? I watched at some battle videos from open Beta, before launch, and was left with the impression that mutiny mechanic was a PITA, with players (either the ones recording the videos or the opponent) losing ships to mutiny at random…

Had the csgo itch - it was sht I’ve outgrown it

Had the tf2 itch - it’s full of people who dont really care and it’s hilarious.

Also played a bit of.homeworld remastered edition and age of empires 2 the definitive edition. Been wanting to play UT99 again and UO but i think im beyond being as good as i used to be.

It’s similar to EvE in that it is a fun, fascinating, captivating game but does suffer from some puzzlingly bad and frustrating design/dev choices. Anybody trying it out should use the skalgrim mod (playerbase to the rescue!) An experienced EvE player should be able to roll with the bad to get the bigger good. Warhammer 40k fans will especially dig it.

Took me some time to track this down. The original Homeworld trailer from 1998. I bought the game, and Homeworld 2…but never really got into them, so they are still lying around somewhere.

I think my failure to really ‘get into’ the space games back then was largely due to Team Fortress and Counterstrike…the very first online games…arriving at the same time, and I loved those.

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Fallout 76, it’s actually decent now. Got it on sale for like 10 euro.

Homeworld remastered is in steam. It has both versions of the game with updated graphics etc and a huge modding community. Homeworld is also releasing amobile version soon.

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After I’m done with Shogun 2, I plan on playing Total War: Rome II and after that, Attila. The trailer(not the video below) for Attila gave me goosebumps the first time I watched it.

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Total annihilation the classic rts. In sale for £1.39 on steam. Pure nostalgia and i forgot how savage the AI is on hard mode.

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Fallout 4. A browser game called Libre Command. And a mobile game called Cyber Code Online.

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I guess that after a busy week I can say I’m playing Chimeraland SEA (PC version).

Recently launched in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and somewhere else (thus servers follow a schedule based on UTC+8), this FTP mobile/PC MMORPG is the sandboxiest MMORPG I’ve played. Quite relaxing, with mobs which won’t try and kill you just because, no kill-ten-rats quests, a solid house construction system, massive map, no classes, player vehicles, pets to capture for mounts/attendants/ et cetera, evolving and mixing of pets (Chimera-land, get it?), weapons from swords to firearms and automatic crossbows(!), optional PvP (players must flag themselves, or so I think, and there’s a central contested area with PvP on).

Also for EVE players, the game is complex but essentially undocumented at this point so you’ll have to learn to play on your own (the tutorial quest isn’t exactly easy to follow).

If you try it and are into house construction, mark this words: Green Ore. Mine all you can, you’re gonna need a fuckton of “pale jade”.

Been in mood for Virtua Fighter.

And with recent re-release, rewatching all those oldies.

Been playing Arkham Knight again.

Designer went a bit off the rails.

TA was a very good game and the designer exceptionally gifted. It was is far superior to c and c or star craft. The reason it never destroyed both titles was it needed a very good pc back in the day and 56k was not up to the task of running it smoothly at times.