What else are you playing?

Everybody needs a recommendation for a new game once in a while. Please include a little summary and/or rating.

Here’s mine:
Qvadriga for PC
-Roman chariot racing. Casual-ish, 2D top-down view, turn-based, graphics from 1995. Really a digital boardgame.
-Pick your lane going through the curves, test the limits of your chariot’s construction, use your whip on your horses when you need some speed (but don’t wear them out too soon). Lash other drivers, crash-bump their chariots, watch for the same coming to you.
-Many different race tracks (curriculae) to race on around the rim of the Mediterranean, each one requires different strategy and tactics.

Somehow this game is really addictive. Pretty satisfying when you made the right choices to emerge from the chaos to take First Place, or even Second. I think there’s an iPad version, probably be a smartphone version before long.

Alright, let’s hear them! Got to be some good game recommendations out there.


Warframe \o/
*jump jump,shoot shoot, blast, laser laser, blast, bow bow, slice slice, slide slice, shoot, throw sharp thing

Been playing it for three years, only second best game to EvE, imo.

Planetside 2
Semi-futuristic open-world fps meatgrinder. Fightdiekill repeatx1000 Massive fights.

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Not very original.

World of Warships for team PvP.

Slow paced FPS with a high tactical component. F2P model with sensible paid advantages but no real P2W once you learn the ropes and can deal with boys sailing Premium ships too big for their player skills. Unlike WoT, there’s no Gold Ammo so far (fingers crossed).

A prominent mechanic are random teams; players are assembled by the Matchmaker so usually your team mates are anonymous strangers. This is both good, because you never run across uber-professional zergs who’ve played together hundreds of battles, and bad because most players usually don’t teamwork and that harms everyone. Also, you never know who’s gonna be the team full of braindead jerks until the battle starts; then it might be yours, or theirs, or yours but theirs is even worse. To compensate, there is a Division mechanic to asemble with up to 2 other players and battle together, and a Clans mode which I haven’t explored yet.

My pet complaints are how American hardware is consistently underwhelming (it’s a Russian game…) so going for the US Navy is hard mode; the difficulty to earn a Kill with a Battleship before someone finishes your target while you reload, and how many top tier battles end up being a cesspool of bots and bad players who made it there just by grinding.

It’s a game I play on and off, as I slowly grind up different ships in different tiers, with my Yamato as workhorse for free captain skill points, money and weekly mission fulfillment.


Catching up through the Fallouts (finishing NV, next is 4), then Dragon Age Inquisition, then the Mass Effects (3, then Andromeda), then I’m going to give X-Rebirth another go, or X4 if they release it by then.

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I play WoWarships too. Very fun, and maybe more fun that WOT to me. That feeling when you get one or more of torpedoes from to actually hit:… :zap::fire::sparkler::muscle::metal:

Have you tried the revamped World of Warplanes? I used to like that one, not sure why everybody stopped playing.

I tried WoT and quit, it was just impossible to play. I was being one-shot within minutes in every single game, without knowing where the shot come from, it was downright stupid, there’s no way to learn from your mistakes.

WoWs is different, even if cruisers and DDs are paper weak, BBs give a chance to learn to play. I haven’t tried Warplanes, not sure whether I would like it. I haven’t played online dogfights in maybe 10 years and frankly, sometimes I just want to leave the computer for a pee without fear of something horrible happening. You can’t stop or hide a plane…

Fully adult and sex modded skyrim. Not the new SSE with limited mods and options, but full old one. Be warned though, modding Skyrim in itself is a freagin hobby.


V_VB, one of my old corpies is playing Warframe now. The guy is an encyclopedia about everything about Eve, and a genius at fitting and PVP as well. He’s so brilliant that we 30+ years old guys had to take a vote to let him in the corp, because he was only 14 at the time (years ago). If Warframe is keeping that guy interested as well, that’s two strong recommendations. Checking it out! o7

Yeah, Warframe is surprisingly entertaining. It has a lot of possible complexity in how you can fit your equipment in various builds and other such things. Almost entirely pve (yes, there are pvp…gasp…arenas and an entire pvp competitive system if you want and you can duel your clanmates in your clan dojo) and certainly more storyline / scripted than EvE, but been having a lot of fun with it for some time now.

Still playing Diablo 3. I’ve missed about a year’s worth of seasons but thanks to the season system the playing field is levelled each cycle.

Back to Barbarian for this season.


Divinity Original Sin 2

Most fun I’ve had in a game in a long ■■■■■■■ time.



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Single player games. All kinds. Since my Steam Library is huge and not my only library, I’m not going to list down all my single player games.

Kentucky Route Zero. It’s not really a game, it’s more of a weird interactive story with nice art and a kind of bizarre bluegrass soundtrack. Recommended, if you like that kind of thing.

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Because I’m a huge naval and aviation nerd. It’s expensive but does go on sale often.

And DCS because fighter jets! :purple_heart:

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It’s a great game…well apart from having my account phished/hacked this week and losing everything :(:weary::sob:

How does it compare to the old Harpoon? As hardcore/grognard? Speaking of huge expensive games, I got Gary Grigsby’s War in the East on sale over Thanksgiving weekend. Still working on getting up the gumption to deal with the learning curve…

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I am playing some Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds when I’m not in EVE.

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It’s basically a more advanced and modern version of Harpoon. If you liked Harpoon (I did) I’m sure you would like CMANO. Has just about every platform from the late 40s to now. Some of the late 40s early 50s missions are pretty fun and some of my favorites. One of the biggest changes is the entire globe is the map so you can command multiple task forces over the entire world all the way from the US East coast to the Russian Far East for instance.

I’d recommend it when it goes on sale again, Probably with the steam winter sale. I got it for $20

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