Came back after a loong break, only to realize that

… This game could more accurately be called, “Gates Online”, and all the persistent fluff around it, just added pretension to a good game.

Logged off.



I don’t understand the reference. But, thanks for coming.

And I hope you do find something better for you. Nothing as frustrating as going through all that hassle of downloading software etc only to find it’s not for you.

Anyway. 'Bye. And good luck.

Don’t let the gate flash zap you on the way out.


Warp, gate, warp, gate. warp, gate, kill pirates, kill players, loot, dock, undock, warp, gate…

Isnt it beautiful in its simplicity? :wink:


The endgame to Gates Online is always a fun little game I admit, when it eventually comes, alas, a few too many moments as such in an infinite sea of gate/warps and boredom.

I can get more direct, wholesome and less needlessly time-consuming fun via other means… Ye should try it :wink:

Like, what aspect does this game have, above what a good old boardgame of chess doesn’t ?

Save you having to imagine knocking your opponents pawns up, as if like blowing puny spaceships up or knocking out an entire alliance off their turf, of course…

Dude, just go away. Nobody here care what you think.



Why ?

Can i have your stuff ?

Bye Felicia.

Just another product of our instant gratification culture.


Do you think he has anything of value to give you if he couldn’t swallow going past a gate or few? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not gates online when you have a carrier… :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course not, but someone had to ask.

The players in this game are just pure cancer. That hasnt changed.

So basically:

“I want to play a game that takes place in the vastness of space, but I want to get anywhere instantly because -reasons-.”

Nah, i just realized playing in the vastness of “space” could just as well happen on a RL chessboard and some imagination, and it’s also much more time-economical, and just as fun.

I dont get what the draw is to put a 10 to 20 gatejumpin’s worth between each tactical move, but who knows, I guess some people are just born sadomasochists lol

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The game simply isn’t for everyone. You want to go do something quick, eve was never the game for you. You can’t seem to grasp that the game’s enjoyment largely comes from thorough planning and seeing things come to fruition over time. Some nice random explosions and interactions mixed in if you put forth the effort (or didn’t and you’re the explosion).

You are looking at gate travel the wrong way. The act of moving is the tactical move, not the end points. Nobody ever claimed every jump would be filled with excitement, but most people recognize that outside of HS and without a scout, you really have no way of knowing who is waiting for you on the other side anymore than they know you’re coming in on top of them. I almost feel like you have never ventured outside of HS with that kind of attitude and think missions are what EVE is about.

Alas, there are dozens of genres out there and maybe MMOs aren’t for you if you can’t be bothered to commit time between moments of action. Nor care to venture out past starting zones.

But you post here… Nothing better to do?

Yup he has nothing better to do than label people who enjoy and play the game for what it is, because anyone who enjoys something that he don’t is strange.

Furthermore complaining here and assigning labels must be an efficient way to spend his time on something he enjoys based on his explanation.

I “wonder” what this means regarding him. :thinking:

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Sounds like the OP never trained Interceptors.