So I am spending my Saturday night, not playing Eve, b/c somehow that's the right way to play and this is a good thing?

I docked up and logged off, great gameplay! 10/10 fun!

I think this game is great, so no need for hostile posts like I’m peeing in corn flakes (funny how those types love to do it to others, but that’s beside the point). And I like PvP and will not be asking for that removed either.

It just seems to me that good advice and good play should not include not playing. Warp off, dock up, and log off is not fun and quite tedious. It has 0 challenge, it is not difficult, it is not hardcore, it’s just lame and non-existent.

Oh, yeah, I didn’t lose my $3m dollar ship either, like that would bug anyone, so no need searching my killmails to laugh about me possibly being salty which would somehow discredit any critique. I simply can’t do what I want to do so am forced to not play bc I have no in game way to deal with my enemy. So what is taken from me is my time, and that seems to me the main criticism in the countless 20 years of critiques like this.

I want the tools in game to deal with getting around the players who want to be an obstacle to me. I have a place in game I want to go, it’s the only goal I need accomplish right now, and going anywhere else would just bring me further away from that. I check local, I check d-scan, I have safe spots, and that’s how I know there are 30 corp mates hunting this little section, and can see their ships camping my gate on scanners. I watch them for 20 mins.

20 anguishing minutes I barely have. I have a family and a business. I had 4 hours to play this week, and I had to log out for 3 of them.

So after watching for 20 mins, some disappear from local, and the ones on my gate are gone. But they know I’m here and there is only 1 gate other than the one I came through, so they know they were on my gate. I’m not going to fall for that one, so I check dotlan and see they are podding players on the other side of the gate I need to go through.

So what is there to do? I have no in game tools to get around them, or go through them. I have obviously played well enough to impede them and stop them from getting me, but all I can do with the mechanics given me is to know they are there, and all they can do is camp for where they guess I’m going.

This is not fun, exciting, hardcore game play. They can’t get me until I go to a gate, and I can’t get passed them, so they wait and I log off. Lame and disappointing. My time was spent on another game now too. How is that good for Eve?

Why must gankers swarm the forums anywhere online and end any critique or discussion of asking if there is a better way? If there is some more in game interaction we can handle this? Isn’t that what they are about? Aren’t they big, strong, manly men of hard core, suck it, git gud gaming? Why do they always gasp and clutch pearls over their version of the game being challenging? Wouldn’t it be better for them to have a chance to catch someone like me, if I had mechanics and tools to make it worth attempting to get through them?

I read a lot about the retention issues of this game, maybe encouraging people to log off as a game mechanic to deal with ganking has something to do with that? Probably gets easier and easier to not log back in the more you get used to logging off. Such an odd meta.

Any way, I’m chill, had fun playing No Man Sky Instead, and really do love Eve, the smarkiness is just from anticipating the usual characters I see on the forum that bully anyone who doesn’t love how their play style is catered to. I just wanted to put it out there that you can be 100% fine with PvP, be able to avoid and not lose ships, but still have criticisms of it, and lose valuable time on tedious tasks you didn’t want to give your time to.

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What’s the point? Without giving context what you want to achieve, nobody can tell you what tools to use. Simply getting past a camp is easy, hop into an instawarp ceptor and jump through.

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Sounds like you accidentally played and spent on StarCitizen :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

First of all, this isn’t a question, so it doesn’t beling in new citizens Q&A.

Of course people can have valid criticisms of the game. However, it is important that you don’t confuse “I can’t do it,” with, “it can’t be done.” You chose to deal with the problem by logging off and writing a 1000 word rant. So don’t blame the game for that. That was your choice.

Finally, there are ways to run gate camps. All tools might not be available to you as a newbro, and some camps are more dangerous than others, but I’ve also run camps on alpha accounts. So, it’s not impossible for low character skill players to do it. Thus, I would suggest doing some research. Maybe use the new citizens Q&A section to actually ask questions about how to run gate camps.

Anyway, I don’t currently feel like writing a 2,000 word class on the subject right now, but I will give you one pointer. Use other players to shake the bushes. In other words, don’t be the first dude to go through a gate into a camp. Wait for someone slower (and preferably juicier) than you to go through, and then go through right after him. Then hold your gate cloak (since you went in after him, he will have to decloak first). Once the camp goes for the first guy, then you should take the opportunity to warp off.

Oh, and one last thing. Do not make the mistake of being too risk adverse (this is something I struggle with myself). In fact, rather than regurgitating Azual Skoll’s excellent article on the subject, I’m just going to link it.


I was going to say more, but since Shipwreck covered a fair portion of it I’ll skip it. I do want to address the busy life and lack of tools arguments though.

Because you (and I on most days) are busy doesn’t justify the elimination of games that require more attention than we can give. Rather, it simply means we’re not suited to some games. If you had more fun playing a different game, then maybe just play the game you actually enjoy instead of one that frustrates you. If there really is a problem with Eve and people do this, CCP will figure it out. Otherwise, it’s just people having different needs and preferences and playing different games that appeal to them as would normally be the case rather than some kind of fundamental flaw of Eve being different from other games.

What I like about Eve, even though I don’t have the time for it anymore, is that you benefit from thinking for yourself. You’re dynamically presented with situations, motivations, and relationships and have to puzzle your way into making the best of the situation. Did it occur to you to try diplomacy before logging out, for example? Negotiate with the enemy. Negotiate with the enemy’s enemy. Dig up dirt on them from neutral parties in public chat channels. Dish out details on their fleet strength and composition to people spoiling for a fight. Stuff like that. If you’re just looking for impersonal mechanics to solve all your problems, you’re missing the point of Eve’s single shard universe, in my opinion.

If people forgo the inclusion of Diplomacy in their toolbox, then I’m not surprised they have a tough time getting out of a fix.


Sounds like the problem isn’t that there aren’t tools available to solve your problem but that you just don’t know what they are yet. Instead of learning you decided to quit playing and log off.

There is always going to be other players in the universe interacting with and against each other. One person’s gameplay causes a challenge for another player. Players are content for other players. Welcome to EVE.

I have yet to find anywhere in EVE that is impossible to get to in some fashion. I bet there is a way to get where you want or what you want.

Sounds like you want a thread about escaping traps?
Got that quite regularly, there’s several solutions:

  • Safe log off and return later, when the campers went away.
  • Pod express. If you’ve travelled in a naked clone and a shuttle or cheap ship, just self destroy, and you wake up safe and warm in highsec. If there’s a station, you can even park your ship there and self destroy your clone right there.
  • Try to escape - this is the most fun: Get an expert in evasive maneuvers and outhwhitting. You’ll lose some ships on your way to be a pro, but that’s a nice way to annoy the bad folks.
  • Call for help: Got some friends, a corp? It’s fun to see the campers run and hide.

As always the usual suspects came pouring in to defend pour design with schitzo advice.

“uh uh, you can totally get around a bubbled 30 man gate camp if you just git gud, don’t know where you learned to log off”

mixed in with, you can log off, dock up and try again later, or pick something else to do. To the last 2 that advised that, I understand that is good current advice, but it is also game design deserving of criticism. It is not healthy for a game to make critique this difficult to voice. That is why 99 for every 100 leave.

You already have OP ways to get through the camp. Nullified insta-warp ceptor or insta-warp cloaky nullified yacht, or cloaky nullified T3. Really if 30 guys are spending time to block a gate then it should be hard. Why should you as a single person be able to easily outweigh the effort of 30 guys? Get some friends to bust the camp or use one of the many available ways to run right through it.


As long as you feel inner pain when losing a ship or a pod, EVE (in Nullsec and Lowsec) will give you a hard time indeed. It is intended to lose ships, just like it is intended to be found at “hide and seek”, especially when 30 players are searching.

What a player has to learn is to chose and fit ships, assess risks, and read situations. Corps and Veterans help a lot, also each player’s own experience because of his/her own mindset. I know brilliant and cautios players who try to avoid losing anything, and I know brilliant and daring players who love to bait and fight even when they probably lose. They have different approaches to the game and disagree in important aspects, but both are right from their point of view. So you have to find out how to have fun, we only can give some advice.

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What have you done to them to incite them to get 30 people to camp a gate, specifically so you don’t get through. Either this is an exaggeration or not true. In addition, it isn’t “your gate.” Given the context that I have been provided with from the post it seems they are in a corp, possibly defending their section of the cosmos.

You are absolutely right. There should be someway for a player to dock in a station, exit his ship, find his opponent therein, and shoot him in the head. CCP promised us that we would be able to shoot people in stations.

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