Trying to understand why the massive nerf to the Venture?!

As a newbro (been playing 5 months on main and 3 months on miner), I have primarily spent my time exploring, mining, doing missions up to level 3 now, faction war on my main and some T0 abysmals. I have enjoyed the challenge of the game and found most folks to be nowhere near as toxic as some of the other MMOs I have played for years.

Of all the things I have done so far, gas huffing has been the most profitable in terms of ISK per hour. And I thought the risk/reward of huffing in WHs was pretty balanced. Yes, I make a lot in those 15 minute ninja moments… yields of from 6 to 15 million before the rats appear. But I face NPC ships (e.g. Ordinary Perimiter gas sites where turrets blow me out of space instantly upon approach from 72km) , roaming PVP pirates, and rats on timers. Plus I deal with the fact that not all WHs have gas sites after spending alot of time to scan them down. But overall, I found that gas huffing was worth the time if I could get one load out of every 4th WH I scanned down. So $15million/4 is 3.75 ISK on average in a hour of playing from huffing…and the most I have made is $80 million isk or so when my corp mate cleared out the rats and I got 3 full loads out before having to log off.

More than once, the +2 to warp stability has saved me in a wormhole from death. It was pretty cool the first time it happened near a gate. And with the proceeds, I have been able to start adding other ships and I am finally approaching the needed skills to step up to a Prospect and pretty soon a Jaguar to kill the WH rats and free myself from the timer.

It is my understanding from watching a couple of vids on the subject that the Venture is to receive a massive nerf bat by losing ALL bonuses. It will take much longer and be much riskier if possible at all on a practical level. I just don’t understand how doing so will improve the game for new players. If the issue is experienced multi boxes can make too much in Ventures…limit multi boxers. Other game developers have done so.

My concern, perhaps misplaced, is that new players without deep pockets won’t have a potential source of income with which to build on in the first six months or so. The game is already hard for new bros…fine. And new players are throttled by skill points as is. I just don’t get it. And, no, I am not leaving the game in a tantrum cuz my “honey hole” of Venture gas huffing is being closed.


I think the simple and most correct answer is - CCP didn’t really comprehend the impact of what they came up with.

I don’t think the original proposal will stand. It will be changed before release.





It will not. New venture is here to stay. Use a hulk newbros!


Because you can do it on Alpha?

I’m actually against the venture nerf. I think overall the venture as it stands is good. It gives newbros the confidence to try out new things, and doesn’t hurt as much when they get blapped.

But yea, your earning potential isn’t super crazy but helps as a newbro.

The only reasoning I can think is they want you go Omega to use the T2 versions faster.


it got K0 K0 out of it finally… success.

Thanks for the replies and input. I can’t help but think…was it six weeks ago…it was all about the bringing newbros into the game and as one I was excited that I might have started playing at just the right time. Now less than two months later, they nerf one of the big sources of income for newbros. I guess it was all just “feel good” marketing…lesson learned about future game pronouncements.

That’s all been reversed. There is no nerf to the venture and there will be no waste when using a venture.


Wow…I am impressed. The community responded and CCP must have actually been listening. I’d like to think I was a small part of that…very cool!!! Believe me when I say that in alot of games I have played that the developers couldn’t give a rat’s ass (pardon the pun) about player input…they roll out the changes…you suffer through them…and then, grudgingly, they respond. For all of this to happen BEFORE the implementation is a refreshing change.

I didnt realise Gas Mining was so trendy.

It’s not, it’s just people/alts creating a stir.

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Ninja mining can be fun. Dodging gankers/sleepers is engaging.

Not something most miners, or even players, are looking for.

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Their loss man. It can be fun using every skill you learned to successfully dodge active death :smiley:

Looks like you are going to have to buy things with real money… oh look they are not going to do it.
Maybe buy some pants.

I don’t understand it why would it move to the T2 version faster.
The Venture is by far the best newbro ship to make mining missions
possible, once it was the Osprey, which was amazing at that.
Newbro will still need a ship to do their missions; T2 are specialized ships,
with little in common with the Venture itself, which is an anti-gank perfect ship
for newbros and solo players, perfect for early exploration in deep space without
breaking bad, it allowed Ninja-mining for many, me included; it’s the only ship I got docked in a couple of Null-sec stations that I dared to Venture into…

What nerfs are about???
I could get no clues about it…
btw without gas sites, it’s pretty hard to make any isks
with it… so I don’t really get why it would have to be nerfed in the first place…
a 10Mil run would take you an hour with luck…
If gas spawn rates are going to be reverted to a somewhat
higher degree, it would still be pretty small chunk,
from 10Mil to ?? 20M/30Mil /h if lucky?
And it’s not the T2 can do a lot better…
If the T2 were seriously buffed, then maybe nerfing it
would actually produce an increase in sell volumes…
not with such lousy bays… not going to happen…

10mil/h without accounting for respawns rates, Ninja hauling, trading, etc etc… guys be realistic plz… what are we talking about???

Farming the acc. with Ninja mining??? Seriously???

Do they ever?

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