Mining on the cheap (hauler / venture combo)

This is in no way optimal condition but it is better then nothing.

  • find a nice system with a refinery that can compress ore.

  • Your T-1 hauler max fit cargo rigs for larger cargo capacity then use this figure to find out how many secure containers to bring make sure they are (Giant Secure Container), because these bonus you 900 m3 extra space per container.

In any case mining frigates (packaged), will take up 2500 m3 of space and still leave you more space in a giant secure container in fact 1900 m3 more leaving ample space for modules for it plus room for compressed ore.

  • obviously, dock your hauler, fly your venture to the mining spot and mine and compress, rinse and repeat, when you fill your pockets fly home.

Use inertia stabilizers to enter warp quickly, fit resistance or extenders for shield tank and add an afterburner for increased alignment, a cloak if your omega.

Anyway, not optimal but if doing it cheap is better then flying industrial command ships which can cost more for newish players.


You do know you can use the Venture as a compressed ore hauler, right? A Venture’s ore bay will hold the compressed equivalent of 333,000 m3 of ore, which is roughly 67 Venture loads. Plus it goes into warp a lot faster than any industrial can and has built-in +2 warp stabs…

This is catastrophically horrible advice. Mining frigates should not be used for general purpose mining outside of guerilla mining ABC(D) ores and gas extraction (and maybe “in-a-punch” resource harvesting for industry - presumably to manufacture an actual barge with which to harvest resources properly). Using a mining frig for general purpose mining is one of the absolute worst ways to generate wealth in the game, and advising anyone, let alone writing a guide for it, on how to general purpose mine in a mining frigate is a great disservice to those who follow that advice. (Plus, if you happen to be mining ABCD ores, then you’re in nullsec you shouldn’t be using a Miasmos - you should opt for the substantially tankier and agile Porpoise instead, and if you’re extracting gas, you won’t benefit from one at all.)

Mining with anchored cargo containers is largely a thing of the past (esp. for common rocks that aren’t worth “protecting”), and even back then it wasn’t all that great. Instead of coming up with ■■■■■■■■ set ups like this, the best thing you can possibly do - especially in an endeavor that is barely possible in even the highest end of setups (and completely and totally craptastic, the absolute worst thing you can possibly do in the game, in low end setups) - is to have fleetmates, which isn’t hard to come by because EVE is an MMO and goals are better accomplished in collaboration with others. You don’t need to be in a large corp or alliance to make friends with others and form fleets or just band together with others already mining in system.

Venture Hisec mining makes less than running L1/L2 security missions (after accounting for bounties and LP and loot), so this is… stupid. At least that’s (more) fun. And for sure you can make orders of magnitude more money doing exploration in a 2m frigate or doing Project Discovery (45m + numerous rewards every hour if you get good at it), and a Miasmos or anchored containers or upgrading to a Prospect or Endurance isn’t going to make that much of a difference. The numbers don’t add up. If you’re going to mine, mine properly: mining frigates and the Miasmos are excellent for what they’re intended for (Venture is good for guerilla mining ABCD ores and gas harvesting, Miasmos is good for hauling uncompressed low-value ores in fleet setups, Prospect and Endurance have narrow uses in which they outperform barges but are likewise outperformed by barges in other areas) - outside of that, they’re trash, and writing a guide to encourage others to use them in shittastic ways is a disservice to anyone who follows that advice.


Yeah, you don’t see many players these days jetcan mining or mining into a secure container.

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ventures are for ninja gas mining in wormholes imho
the cost of the ship is near 0 any gas you take = profit

Thanks OP. I was mining in my Ibis, but this should increase my yield by at least three times.


I miss my mining Osprey, also available in bait flavour.


Why arent you putting disposable rigs on your Venture?

May as well take as much time as you can in the process

A mining barge is 3500 m 3 packed. Just sayin.
Also, look up mwd+cloak.

Apart from all of the above if you have a two character setup you’re best to put them both into mining ships, whichever ones that may be. Using a dedicated hauler only starts to pay off once you get more accounts.

Also, if you’re alpha and want to remain alpha but want to mine long term then using a mining BS is better than using the Venture. Venture is cheaper to lose but a cheaply fit mining Praxis mines almost 50% more than a Venture (on alpha skills) while having similar cargo hold. And it will have enough EHP to not be an automatic gank target.

The OP’s concept is sound. For an alpha you can be mobile and set up camp where the resources or anoms are. You can carry various venture kits for mining, gas, exploration and a venture can be a surprisingly good salvager for those combat anoms you have bookmarked while doing other things provided the wrecks have been MTU’d into a ball. You can also carry a packaged destroyer to do anoms or missions yourself. You don’t have to carry your loot/ore with you, just do pickups later if the volume is too much. I’d advise all alphas to try all the things and using a T1 hauler with packaged ships allows you to roam and do what interests you rather being tied to one system or constellation.

As Omega the concept carries over, so you can tour the ice belts with fast fit Porp with a proc/skiff in fleet, as soon as a ice anom finishes you are packed and 5 mins later cutting ice again in another system and carrying your compressed ice with you. This also works well if you fit a probe launcher to your Porp for finding hisec gas sites (with venture/prospect in fleet) and getting your hauling/huffing capability to areas near lowsec systems for cyto.

Lastly you can use an Orca with several barges/exhumers or other ships in the bay and use it as a mobile base of operations for lots of activities.

Key to this is you move your extraction capability to where the resource is and haul back to where you need it.

If you only do one thing then there are ways to be more efficient, but if you want variety and fun then doing something like this can work.

As a miner, when I see post like this…

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You need to read up on how ship alignment works.


I mostly just zoned out reading the OP’s post but holy hell how did I miss that.

For clarification, using a prop mod to help with aligning only works if the align time is more than 10 seconds (prop mod cycle time) and if you run that prop mod for only one cycle.

I think there is some confusion here with MWD+cloak trick.

Generally, prop mods make align time longer, since your mass is massively increased when you turn the mods on. This results in a slower align time.

What you are refering to, is only relevant when doing the MWD+cloak trick.


To any newbie reading this. Highsec ore mining in a venture is possibly one of the least efficient ways to gain ISK in general.

The venture truly shines when going into wormholes and mining gas.

If you are dead set on doing a repetitive, grindy, low-income, low-risk highsec activity, then doing the lowest of highsec combat anomalies and salvaging the wrecks gives you more than highsec mining in a venture.

With that being said, can we stop giving newbies horrible advice?

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Lets say you’re in a DST with ~20 second align time, as you start to align you hit your prop mod (be it AB or MWD) and immediately cancel it so it only runs for one cycle (just like with cloak/MWD). When the prop mod cycle ends, so in 10 seconds, your max speed (and thus your required warp speed) drops back down to base values. BUT you’re MUCH faster than you would have been without that one cycle of prop mod so you instantly warp.

The mechanics are similar to cloak/mwd but the goal is different. Using that system you can get an orca to warp in 10 seconds.

Ok. Don’t have experience with really slow ships like orcas. So maybe it makes sense there.

I think, the OP meant putting the prop mod on the venture to improve alignment, which definitely is wrong. Even on a T1 hauler, I’m pretty sure using a prop mod also increases the alignment time. However, since it’s been some time since I’ve actually done anything with T1 haulers, I’d have to test that.


What I’m talking about are ships that have a significantly longer align time than 10 seconds. Also works for caps, would you really want to.

Not like I said it was ideal, but it’s only one way to get MORE if you plan on mining all day which is hard to envision for yourself but some people mine all day as a chosen avenue.