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The reason ganking has come to the forefront of highsec pvp is because its the only thing left.


Why would charging you isk if you failed affect that? Thats the question you keep evading.

TBH I can’t recall any time when friendly fire was legal for NPC corps. I may simply not have been paying attention to that aspect but pretty sure it would have caused significant comment.

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Yeah I dont think FF was possible in NPC corps then, from my recollection either.

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Well, the problem here is that people want to go ‘back’ to a state of affairs where nobody can definitively tell me what the rules actually were, and I very much doubt it was simply the current status quo ‘minus war HQs’ as it would have made complete nonsense of ‘high security’ space if all I had to do was declare war while sitting in some NPC station and then go out and blap without consequence…especially as declaring was was cheaper then. Is that really how things were ?

What we agree on is that War HQs need to be removed for all the valid reasons stated. What we need to figure out is how to not go right back to the old system because it was also unfair in some ways.

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2011-2012(summer of rage)

A corp or Alliance could only have 3 active wardcecs at time , so such things as shadow alliances existed.

Cause you could go suspect to entire corp, so getting tricked into that allowed your side corps not in a war dec able to shoot war targets.

I remember in 2011 you couls puit something in someones jetcan and when they took the can they went suspect for stealing your item.

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if you allow 3 active wars only, we would all dec the 3 major alliances and thats rather stale and boring and doesnt lead to any interactions between highsec players in a meaningful way. Goons isnt going to surrender or work with me and my ten guys so you just end up with a thorn in the side and nothing more. We need engaging and compelling content for highsec. Not simply mercs being a thorn to the big nullblock. We need a system that protects the weakest from extended periods of greif.

if you are talking to me then i dont know what you are trying to say…i was answering someone else as to how things were in the past.

I am saying that limiting wars to 3 is a bad idea for the reasons i stated. Do you need elaboration?

The NPC corporations can’t be wardecced.

I have a hard time believing that some innocent new player needs to leave the NPC corporation and join a mega alliance. If the alliance can’t protect it’s members, then it’s the responsibility of the player to have enough sense to not join. SICO, Absolute Order, and every nullblob, should be wardeccable for free.


Basically yes. With the addition that wardec fees, while cheap, had to be paid weekly iirc. Here’s a discussion from back in the day (2012):

And then CCP’s later revelation of just how badly that system was removing players from the game:

The issue has typically been that the aggressors pretty much only ever wardec on targets they know they can win against, and there’s never been any good reason for the weaker target to participate.

One of the reasons ccp used to justify this war hq thing… not that i agree but this is how the debate will go… They dont want new players sitting in NPC corps and they had a huge issue with the amount of players in NPC corps and wanted to force the new guys out of them. This was the view they had in about 2013/2015

Yeah maybe instead of war costing more for large groups it should become less and less. So when you reach PH size… its free. Great idea.

1 person = 1 bil per week (what to do about holding corps? Automatic 100m for owning a structure)

10 people - 500m per week
100 people- 100m per week
100+ free

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Interestingly enough, people throw wars that way all the time as it is, but very very little comes of it.


Well, that’s at least one useful piece of info. And I assume there was also some period of time before the wardec became ‘active’…so I could not just see some passing mining fleet and ‘declare war’ and zap them all there and then but would have to come back tomorrow or something.

So, if I have 10 accounts, each with 3 chars, each having their own corp, I could effectively engage in 90 wars at the same time and go round blapping stuff in my single solo Raven that I contract between accounts ?

no it was still 24hrs…
But back then you could join corp while in space and you would not show up as a war target as you were warping in on your “target” and blapping them.

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That’s because SICO puts all the structures in a holding corp, and all the players in another corp, just like basically every other group in the game. Normal people don’t enjoy structure bashes. They don’t enjoy setting a timer for Tuesday at 17:00. It’s not fun. People want to hunt spaceships in space, using Dscan and probes and jumping gates, surprising targets of opportunity and getting a killmail. The current wardec system funnels everything into structure bashing, and that’s just B O R I N G.


The majority of the player has always hated bashing, From 2009 CCP was talking about lowering the amount of bashing on Pos’s and then did a 180 on it when cits came out.

It’s a shame nobody at CCP is willing to talk to the players…

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