TTT Drama

They have zero regard for any leaders of corp and alliances who literally control the space outside of nullsec leaders. Then its pander pander pander…

Well not quite everything.

Noobs are still getting smeared at Amarr from time to time

I don’t pay any attention to Destiny Corrupted.

Destiny has some very solid ideas and a strong grasp on the reality of highsec power dynamics.


Yah, honestly.

@CCP_Swift Why should there be requirements or fees to wardec a larger group? A single solo player, like Destiny Corrupted, should be allowed to wardec a nullsec megablob. If the megablob can’t deal with that, then the leadership is incompetent.

It’s ridiculous to claim a single soloplayer is “griefing” a larger wealthier group.



Gosh…well I can see why some want to go back to that, and why it was changed. But what you are then effectively saying is that the situation for station owners was worse then than it is now…as anyone declaring war on them did not even need to have a war HQ. So Destiny has rather a conflict of views there as she has a gripe against station bashing groups…but wants to go back to a time when such groups did not even need to exist.

I presume the TTT came into existence after war HQs were introduced and that is one of the reasons for its longevity.

They came into existence over a period time starting when Cits came to the game. It was inevitable. The mercs and market trading cartels fought them for years. We fought them for the pocos also. When they couldn’t fight us head on because we used guerilla warfare, that’s when CCP invented the war HQs. When we put down Cits and let them blob it to keep the fight going, thats when they started implementing ever more harsh mechanics. Before TTT, highsec players controlled highsec. But the agenda to put Nullblocks in charge and make highsec a tax farm was the goal and we stood in the way.


I gain more from these posts where I’ve mis-understood things that I could ever do from watching endless videos. It’s a useful process…and I’m sure there are plenty of lurkers who don’t butt in because they don’t want people to think they don’t understand the game.

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I see you still dont know why you suggested what you did.

It was and still is a perfectly reasonable question.

Well back then players didn’t have citadels, they used POS-sticks which could actually be built in such a way as to be able to defend themselves. And those weren’t anywhere near as common as citadels. So wardecs were more about hunting ships and denying activity than anything to do with structures.

Correct. There are a great many lurkers who won’t engage in forums due to the sometimes-toxic responses. Quite a few of them don’t even log in for it, they just read. That’s one of the reasons I try to include informative links and examples in my posts. And to counterbalance the too-frequent posts of pure misinformation.

Not really. The history of TTT and similar trading cartels was linked in some of my earlier posts in the thread.

Because there is literally no penalty other than a wardec fee that I’m told was small. No Concord. No visits to Jan to hand in clone tags. No need for a base…I can just declare war while sitting in an NPC station and dash back to it at any hint of opposition. Under this system I can single handedly declare war on Corp X and decimate their entire mining fleet using a single ship.

I simply had a hard time believing that this wonderful state of affairs ever existed. But on further reflection, it makes decimating corps so easy that it is all a bit too asymmetrical…so I was simply suggesting some counters to that.

Making the fee bigger wouldnt make a difference.

Im going to assume unless you tell me otherwise that you feel wars are a negative thing, hence the word “penalty”.

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No…I’m all for wars. If the situation described became a reality I’d lap it up and go on an utter war rampage. But then, that is precisely what happened with all those buffalo in America…you know, the ones where there were once 100 million and then none. Eve needs to be protected from people like me who can ( potentially ) bring in huge amounts of ISK and have a field day.

Im just going to have go with you being unable to answer any question without rambling off on some irrelevance.

Its being unanchored, but asset safety will still kick in because its not in an abandoned state, so the most loot you’ll get is the fittings on the structure and its fuel, not really what i would call a pinata though

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You asked a question and I answered it. If the answer was not to your complete satisfaction that’s another matter entirely.

No, you really didnt. You did your very best to avoid it.

Also, buffalo arent extinct.

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If I say I have answered a question, then I have answered the question and that is my answer. You don’t get to decide whether I have or not. You got an answer. Deal with it.