TTT Research and Construction sites not reffed

Something tells me neither side of the conflict is serious. The TTT Research and Construction sites are not reffed.

As per usual. HS will continued to be screwed over. Have a nice one.

The only one that matters is the keepstar, once it dies it can’t be replaced and smaller structures can be deal with later with smaller fleets

the only point in reffing cits you arent planning to dedicate to the destruction of is so that you can spread out the enemy and attack where they are weak. Each serious objective take a lot of time and in this case everyone knows what the primary objective it so theres no need to be reffing a bunch of stuff you dont have time to take down before the shields get repaired.

i personally will miss the keepstar , it was sort of a landmark for newer players who want to see something really big in highsec that is not NPC

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While this is true it is a very EVE thing to happen and will add to the legacy of the player driven story of New Eden.

The tower was an icon of anything but player driven and im one of the few left from my playstyle who didnt quit playing since all this began. Remove War Hqs… you will see what player driven looks like.

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