CCP should keep the eve wide tax cut - PGL SAYS CHANGE NUKED TEST TTT INCOME - THIS IS GOOD

Throughout New Eden, each market hub has some sort of tax haven citadels in a system adjacent that honestly causes some issues. In addition, the TTT is probably one of the most overpowered mechanisms that fund null-sec alliances.

Additional Factors:

  • Market fees go to the owner.
    • The TTT is probably one of the most overpowered mechanisms that fund null-sec alliances. Has no place in high-security systems.
    • Reduces the high-sec market ISK sink, leads to additional inflation.
    • This is a theory but could be a big reason for null-sec stagnation
  • It’s harder to consolidate assets. I’ve found it hard to continuously bounce between Jita and TTT to get or deliver items. Since the change, I’ve been in Jita and my gameplay experience has increased greatly.
    • Still sucks that I can’t have multiple clones in one station and it blows my JC timer, but that’s another issue or valid tradeoff.
  • I get to keep more isk.
    • ~5% with no standings or skills in brokers plus accounting fees adds a lot of overhead to selling or buying items.
    • The More isk I have, the more I want to blow up, or fly shiny stuff!

Overall this is a great change even that’s temporary. But it should stay!

Edit SAPI Watch 2021 - YouTube TEST relied solely on TTT, this change is GOOD, KEEP IT.


If TTT is issue, maybe fix problem of indestructible structure in hisec. Rather than making market structures useless?

No one cares about your lack of understanding of trading skills


Hmmm assumptions, I have them, the average player won’t waste the time.

There wouldn’t be an indestructible structure in high-sec if there was no benefit to having one. :man_shrugging:

To note: it’s indestructible because everyone in null-sec defends it as they get a cut. That’s what is broken.


So… big organized power blocks are ruining some individuals past time?


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I’m plenty hardened, QOL changes keep people around. Adding nothing to the points provided. Just another forum troll with no value to add.

Edit: I also bet you had more fun when they introduced multiple clones in Citadels.

btw if they take hypernet tax of and let just the hypercores the game becomes close to 5% negative expectations aka kinda fun gambling
super isk sink because people have to sell the prizes and pay even more taxes anyway
ive being talking about it for some time

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You are not asking for QOL changes, you are asking CCP to disrupt organized groups so you, as a individual, can compete.

Guess what? Those are people that have the resources to quickly adapt to the changes CCP impose and still beat you.


But it is a QOL change for me? I don’t have to travel constantly to do business, I’ll have more ISK to do the things I want to do from tax reductions and the deflationary nature of removing ISK from the economy. None of these directly effect my ability to directly compete with organized groups.

Do you not think it’s a broken game mechanic that there’s a station that siphons trillions of ISK and distributes them to the vast majority of null sec groups so they won’t attack it? It’s not encouraging gameplay or in the least bit balanced.

This has been a positive change thus far, just look at the plex buy and sell orders in Jita that have swapped over from TTT. More ISK is removed from the game this way, this is healthy.

SAPI Watch 2021 - YouTube TEST relied solely on TTT, this change is GOOD, KEEP IT.

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CCP knew that a TTT would happen before they implemented citadels. It was wholly intentional. They probably intended for the cash flow to act as a conflict driver, except the exact opposite thing happened, lmao.


Tax break broke TTC?

Can i have your Keepstar?

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“austerity is bad because it punish the poor
we need big faucets and big sinks
to swim in a large pool that never overflows”

lao tzu

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TL;RD: CCP are Goon pets?


Nope. Is not the mechanics that are the issue.

Seems like extortion is more lucrative than full fledged war. Go figures…

Structures should have never been introduced to high sec. People told that to CCP from the beginning and all the issues that were pointed out took place as predicted.


Opposite happened? Have you watched literally anything in game for the past year other than hisec asteroids being mined? A good chunk of the game has been in all out war for an entire year now, funded by the TTT.

Oh yeah? Well how come no one attacked the TTT if it was such a big, valuable, and important strategic target?


“Let’s split all the income from TTT. Also, let’s have a big war amongst ourselves.”

Meanwhile, nobody attacks the TTT, not even as a diversionary tactic.


The higher tax was pretty good for serious teaders. If you don’t like the TTT then shoot it.

But i did say Keepstars in hi-sec was a mistake…just sayin.

What is TTT?