Turn off sec gains toggle-able (pirate mode QOL)

I am a nullsec pirate, I like being -10.0, as for people who have me as a neutral, I show up a a big scary flashing skull in local and ive noticed neuts and hostiles in space treating me with more caution ever since ive embraced being criminal, its like giving off a passive aura of terror especially for nullbears and crabs.

However what I didn’t expect was that I would need to actually maintain this status by going to highsec/lowsec to do ganking. This is because if I kill rats on a gate during a roam (required now since there are rats on almost every damn gate these days and most fights im in happen near gates), I gain sec status, it also means that if i were to decide to make money out in null again (as opposed to mainly pvping), I would slowly get sec status crept back in.

Can we have a toggle that disables sec gains for evil pirates like me :3

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