Tutorial question

Last night I wanted to give the tutorial a try, returning capsuleer here.
I have a -3.6 sec standing so can’t travel through anything higher than 0.6 without getting blown away.
So I finished all the steps leading to the step where I have to talk to a compatible agent.
I think it showed me the only available agents are in 0.7 and higher and I accidentally double clicked on an agent in a system I can’t get to.
How do I fix this? I can’t seem to cancel this step and the thought of having to raise my standing enough for me to be able to enter that system is not something I want to do.
Or can I just start a conversation with said agent from another system and then refuse the offered mission ?

Just go there in your pod.

I had been thinking about it but I’d rather look for help here first before going on that kind of an adventure in low sec in a frakkin’ pod.

The best thing you can do is run the tutorial on a new Alpha, then return to actual gameplay on your original Omega.

1 - Make a free Alpha account to do the tutorial with if your purpose is to reacquaint yourself with EvE.

2 -Once you switch back to using your main character, look up “Faction Standings Repair Plan” to fix things if you will go in hisec.

3 - Make a valuable gift to me for being such a friend to you as to tell you such useful things.

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Running highsec missions with negative security status is “Advanced Mode” - you have about 30 seconds to get the job done before the meddling faction police show up. Just be fast.

re: tutorial on alpha … not something I’ll do
Yes I want to do the tutorial to get reacquainted but I’d like to fnish it on this toon (I thought it needed to be done on the same toon as I’m using here on the forums to unlock the badge ?)

re: being fast … I jumped into a 0.7 system in a rifter and couldn’t even align and/or warp directly to some gate after decloak … faction popo immediately webbed and blew me up

I’d rather just cancel the current selected agent … if that means me having to go there in my pod I could jump into a clone without any implants and take the trip

Sell some tags to get your sec back up. Look it up online.

I saw someone trying to recruit someone else for a corp that fixes others standings. They pair you up with someone like you. You form a fleet with the guy like you and run missions for the faction that you bad standing with. You get to keep the rewards and get paid for fixing the other guys standing while he stays docked somewhere else. I am sure that they charge you for the service.

I don’t think that works for security status. Not anymore, anyway.

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