Two Characters have been SOLD

Panda Vincenzo, >32m SP
Link:, PW-1234

Panda Vincente, >33m SP
Link:, PW-1234

Both characters have:

4.8m SP in Armor
6.4m SP in Engineering
7.6m SP in Navigation
708k SP in Neural Enhancement
1.7m SP in Scanning
4.7m SP in Shields
1.3m SP in Social
= 9 Jump Clones
= Clean history / records /standings

Just learn some combat skills, both characters can be combat pilots very soon!

Will Pay the Transfer Fee!

You must confirm with both chars, that they for sale, as rules say .

You must post something in this thread with both characters as proof that you have them.

I am for sale!

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I am for sale as well!

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26B for Panda Vincente

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Current bid as 26B, thanks!

If no one provides a higher price tomorrow, I will accept it.

Do you consider to buy another twin character?

If buy both Pandas, then I can pay 48 bil

Bid accepted. Let us start the transaction.

Ok, will transfer ISKs in 6-7 hours from now, when will be back home.

ISK and evemails with account names sent

Both characters have been transferred.

Thanks for your business!

Fly safe!

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