Two crashes back to back while in Exotic Tier III

Today I had three crashes, two of them were back to back while in Exotic Tier III’s.

When I opened the launcher the second time it loaded up properly but then suddenly closed the entire game out like it had exited thus causing me to lose the third Gila and the second one for today due to loss of connection and launcher issues.

Two more crashes today while in the Abyssal sites. The first one was when I entered the Abyssal site and the other one was when I had just entered the third room.

I let the game run for about a half hour while docked up and no disconnects. This will be the fourth Gila that I have lost due to disconnects while in an Abyss.

All of my graphic settings are turned down to None or Low.

What could be the issue with the disconnects CCP seeing as how my 4G is two bars?

I have noticed that there is a sound coming from my speaker when I set the hot spot close to it.

Perhaps the issue with disconnects for those who use WiFi is that their hot spot is close too a speaker. Even a laptop or tower speaker could effect the signal from what I have read.

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