Hi guys, can you help me with a particular problem. Recently I got some issues with disconnects that did not happen previously.

While running 2 accounts 1 Launcher 1 of the accounts sometimes randomly disconnects. I tried with only 2 accounts running without the lancher and the problem persists, same with VPN. I also have some random disconnects while entering abysalls, the connection drops just as I enter.

Already lost 2 Gilas and a Worm due to DCs and Im sure the problem is on my side not CCPs, have you got any suggestions on what might help, or the only help would be to change for better internet connection provider…

Try changing DNS to Cloudflare, google or whatever fits you. It’s weird one but actually fixed random connection instability and ping spikes in many games.

Ill try it, thx for the suggestion

Are you hardwired or wifi? Some routers can start failing as they age and thus could cause you to drop.

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was WIFI, did connect through a cable from the router now, seems much better now. Thx

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