Two ganking Tornados down in Vellaine - Viator industrial POV

Armored Viator face-tanked two nada volleys - an important thing to remember :thinking:

  1. Tractor Beam for quick looting the ganker’s wrecks
  2. Offline damn Interdiction Nullifier when in hi-sec! (lock-range halved - hard to secure the KMs/catch pods).

Sounds like fun times.

Low sec provides moments like this when 0.0 people slumming in fw got too used to no guns in 0.0. And get reintroduced to them. It happens. long ago on one of a few evacs from 0.0 I needed to be reminded low sec is not 0.0.



Wow, that’s embarrassing. So you thought you would get a killmail without actually doing anything other than locking the target?


NGL I thought he actually attacked them LOL…

This may be the most exciting thing to have happened in New Eden this week.

What two crimimal pilots excite your gameplay for the week?

Now be honest Frosty, he is not the only one.

Vellaine is known place for suicide ganking because people often visit CONCORD station there to acquire or sell certain commodities.

I encourage similar behaviour (i.e. killright farming) to “even” things a bit - surprizingly, not many are doing that! Why? Opinions?

Did you know there are more concord stations that are not camped just 1 jump further from Vellaine?

Because it’s not worth the time?

Bah…I used to have an Alpha alt whose entire existence was sitting there in Jan system seeing who was there. No more than a few seconds job to log off, log them in, and decide whether to go to Jan.

Too much effort for the average whinebaby

People shift mountains for the Ideas. Such thing as WORTH is subjectable… subject. :))

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