Two newbie questions, about hotkeys and PLEXes

1 - Tried using hotkeys last night, specifically “D” for warp/dock. I had set a route, and after the first jump, the next destination is automatically highlighted in the overview. In this case, I can just click the warp/dock button in the target window, and it works. However, hovering over that shows the hotkey is “D”. But typing “D” in that case (or “d”, in case it’s case-sensitive) does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

2 - Transfer of PLEX between alts. They are in the same corp, so I was going to have the one char leave the PLEX in a corp hangar, and have the other pick it up. Will that work? Is there a better way to do it?


  1. After jumping, the overview is not the active window so D does not work unless you click the overview window.

  2. Will work but is very very risky. Use the Delivery feature if alt is another account. If it is the same account, the plex vault is the same, no need to transfer.

Could you clarify the “risky” part?

Additional info, it’s my corp, and these two chars are the only members. Does that address the risk factor you mention?

Also, what is the “delivery feature”? Haven’t heard of that before.


PS - also, regarding the hotkeys. Do the keyboard shortcuts for the ship modules have this same restriction? I don’t see a “window” for the ship modules, so is it assumed that those keyboard shortcuts will always work (i.e., doesn’t matter what other window has focus)?

Plex has its own special hanger. Contracting directly from the plex vault is the most secure method of trading plex. The plex remains accessible anywhere you can access the plex vault and your plex will be there no matter where you open it.


Is that new? When I played a few years ago, there were always stories of people getting ganked carrying lots of PLEX. So, I guess that’s a thing of the past now?

For characters in the same account, plex vault is the best option, since it’s shared by all characters. It’s an account vault, not a ship hangar.
To deliver an item on a structure, place the item in the structure hangar, right click the item and choose Delivery. The item will be in the delivery hangar of the recipient.

Shortcut for modules don’t have the same restriction.

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