Two RX480's optimisation questions...?

I use the steam client to launch eve online.

I have two subbed accounts this gives me the option to launch two clients at the same time.

This causes it to only utilise one RX 480 at 100% with 85 degrees temp, which is fine I believe however running that all the time might cause strain on my system, I would rather even it out across the two graphics card or assing one graphics card to each app individually, now you can do this in windows 10 but it relates more to power settings as per below screenshot, I would rather not do this, giving windows full control over graphics cards is usually a bad idea in my experience (I use GPU’s for other stuff aside gaming, not mining more programming) so ideally it would be good if I could smartly use crossfire, eve online is being picked up by my AMD radeon settings app, however not sure what to set it as or if crossfire is officially supported by the eve online client? All I want to do really is even the load of running more than one client at a time so if anyone could help with this in any other way it would also be much appericiated. Many thanks in advance.

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