Does EVE support AMD-Crossfire for multiGPU?

Any infos on that? CCP? Anyone?
Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure if it is supported, but it does work.
open radeon settings
select gaming tab
enable crossfire
select back arrow for game explorer in global settings
select add/browse then select (in my case) C:\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin64\evefile.exe
add it then select the newly added profile and set AMD crossfire mode to AFR Compatible
reboot if necessary
I also use open hardware monitor overlay feature that will show the GPUs and the loads, temps, fan speed adjustments, etc. Many reviews I read stated that the difference you would see would be negligible, however in my case the differences were immense, especially after migrating to 64 bit. My single GPU ran so hot I was using the blowhole on my case as a coffee warmer. Amazing performance gain for me running multiple characters with the graphics maxed out.
fyi I’m running in crossfire mode on two identical XFX Black edition 390’s, frame rates never drop below 59 on either client.

Hi Dotar Sojat!
Thanks for your information! I think i’ll try it next weekend.
In my case it would be a rx570 and a rx560, no idea if that ever works but i’ll try it…

I’m pretty sure you’ll need two RX 570’s or two RX 560’s. You shouldn’t be able to Crossfire a 570 and a 560. Crossfire worked back in the day when I had two X1950’s, but that was a long time ago.