Nitro 5 not using discreet gpu

Returning to EVE, have an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43 with the discreet amd rx560x gpu and vega 8 dedicated chipset. I’ve had issues with most games before this not using the 560, but was able to fix this by going into windows 10 graphics settings and adding their main exe to the list then setting them to high performance for all other games. This won’t work for eve, I’ve added every exe I can find installed for eve including the one in EVE\SharedCache\tq. I’ve also tried launching from the Radeon app which is recommended to fix this issue for other games, no dice. Anyone with a similar laptop have any ideas?

Disable the Vega 8 in hardware manager which will force the 560X to be used.

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I found the fix, I had power settings set to high performance but not the specific settings for the gpu under advanced settings set to high, so it’s all fixed now. But before that I tried disabling the vega 8 and it made just about everything on the display wonky, parts blacking out, ui pieces were going between green to normal to black nothingness etc so I wouldn’t suggest doing that at least for this model. Thank you though

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