Uedama anti-gank

let me think…

no…i will only need 2 of them…i hate mining, will never set a feet in a mining ship…
but…when i think about a bait procurer…

But that 3 slots will have another problem to decide…which one should i log in?

As i told…don´t know what to do since the last week^^

When you log in with an AG character, you stop your ganker from operating - so thats a success…
When you log your ganker in, then AG fails again…

Its a win/win situation


so Kain always wins… always?

that´s great^^

its the will of James 315, content for all \o/

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Try both sides

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Bro, you’re posting cringe right now.

You sound like one of those people who go around bragging to their non-EVE-playing friends about being an “admiral” in EVE’s record-setting null-sec engagements, while actually being nothing but a drone region renter who’s never experienced any PvP aside from losing some ratting ships due to tabbing out to watch Netflix, and tragically knowing so little about actual combat that you aren’t even aware that no one uses the word “admiral” to describe any sort of combat leadership position in the game’s meta.


People can call themselves what ever they like , we have self proclaimed space emperor , even princesses strutting around ,if he wants to be an admiral it’s his right as a man or woman to be called an admiral if he wishes

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That kind of misses the point of what I was saying though…

Also, the princess is actually a real princess, so that argument doesn’t make much sense.

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i know , was just trying to diffuse the chat
could Aiko by someone like Princess Eugenie in real then, i did hear the guy who plays the witcher plays eve

Henry Cavill? There’s no way that guy is a carebear wussy.

Still, maybe he can come here and do a shout-out for you by doing the “but I’m also a big fan of justice” bit from Justice League. You guys could really use an endorsement at this point.

This discussion needs some more good vibes in it…
Here are some cute cats


There is a video somewhere if him putting a gaming rig together , also something about eve , if he does he could be a ganker , who knows

I still have Aaaarrgg’s pod killing satisfaction survey in my EVEmail from like 2014.


That’s easy, do whatever you feel like doing.
You can join what you like or not join anything at all.
You can blow up everyone in sight (or die trying) or you can avoid conflict completely or a bit of both.
Do it soon though, things seem to be changing in Eve and you might be much more limited in the future.

Never got one myself , but a ganking legend indeed, our intell channel is always reporting his movements more than any other ganker and someone just placed a bounty on his head .

Which is nice


FYI. For your entertainment.

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Alan Rickman was a member of Rooks and Kings if I remember correctly.

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