Uedama anti-gank

Well, had a great afternoon killing gankers , scouting out there scouts , notifying pilots where the red fleet was going to attack. Many died but as our numbers grew we started to save ships , I contacted 1 freighter pilot who warped out by the skin of his teeth, he was very happy to say the least. So don’t believe what Code and Co. say , that all anti-gank is ineffective,with the numbers we can help stop the scourge of High sec.


Well done , always good to see people fight back, keep up the good work, who was freighter pilot.


You do realize that now CODE will simply bring twice the number of ships needed, right?

So will we then, I just don’t understand how some pilots think, should we all just lay down like sheep, and prayers James 315 and his lapdogs.
I think not, if you want, it can stop, we stopped some today, and I enjoyed myself in this sand box called Eve.


Good that you had fun, but so what?

This afternoon the person you killed popped over 25 billion in the afternoon as well you popped 141 mil worth of gankers… maybe saved 1 freighter.

The numbers here says you are ineffective. Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy it, but posting that here … yes… anti-ganking is ineffective.

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I’ve missed you why I’ve been away , these numbers will change or I’ll try hard to make that happen :hugs:

PS how nice you looked at my KB ,


Or you know, you could just get a mining permit and follow the Code


Well done. Keep up the good work!

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In the Name of Princess Aiko Danuja, Heir to the Legacy of King James CCCXV, the Savior of High Sec and Ruler of the Cosmos

In virtue of the power which hath bestowed upon us, we shall deprive you and all of your accomplices and all your abettors of the right to the pursuit of happiness, for you wish to assist and encourage the depravity and behavior of bots and aspirants and bring forth the plague that his Majesty, King James CCCXV, so valiantly purged from our lands.

We banish you from the society of High Sec, we exclude thee from the fruits of our Holy Dominion, we declare you excommunicated and anathematized and we judge you condemned to eternal fire with Scottmw15 and all the banned, damned and reprobate.

The Word of Our Queen.


Oh look, more evidence that contradicts @Lucas_Kell’s beliefs that there is no counterplay to ganking. There is only one explanation. You are obviously a ganker posting lies on an alt in an attempt to hide the truth. Nice try ganker, but we won’t be falling for your tricks.


See you’re in a tricky spot there, because to claim I’m wrong you have to disagree with all your buddies who also believe AG is ineffective. Not sure why you feel the need to batphone me into this though. Find something to do fella.

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If washing hands, wearing seatbelts, or taking medicine reduces fatalities by x amount, would you still call that ineffective? I mean, people still die.

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Come now, dear fellow. The aims of CODE was never about the mining permit. It was about compelling players to actually PLAY the game. Anti-ganking is doing just that. Getting players in their ships, finding their courage, and bringing the pain.

In that singular aim, CODE has won.

CODE always wins. Always.


Oh, I just wanted to see you obstinately hand wave away any evidence that contradicts your beliefs. Plus, I saw that you made at least 9 posts in the bowhead thread, and I didn’t respond to any of those. So I figured I owed you a post or two.

And for clarification,
(1) Anti-gank activities can foil ganks. So, it has some measure of efficacy. You can’t just assign it a binary value of effective or not effective.
(2) I don’t think it’s worth the effort isk wise, but some people seem to enjoy it.
(3) Even if anti-gank activities were completely ineffective (which they’re not), that still doesn’t change the fact that best and most effective ganking counterplay is (a) using good fits, (b) not overloading your ships, and (c ) using intel tools to avoid gankers.
(4) Oh, also, some gankers might be inclined to lie about the efficacy of anti-gank activities in an attempt to dissuade others from picking up the sword.
(5) As I said before, I’ve gone 5 years without being ganked. How do you explain that? Do you honestly believe that I am I just that lucky, or will you admit that I am doing something that has some measure of influence over whether or not I get ganked?


Fit Remote Sensor Dampener with targeting range script on each Catalyst. Overheat SD (with 2 cheap SD rigs) on each anti ganker.


Add two bricked tanked Maller to hold the point instead with ECCM scripts.

His Majesty, King James CCCXV, would be proud however that you decided to play the game instead of afk. This is the Vision of our Father manifest.

All praise to the King! James 315!


Yes I can. It’s not effective at all.

Evasion != counter. That’s how I explain it.

I agree if those people have fun doing it. Most of ag do it out of hate though, and that is never a healthy thing

\o/ Which means that ganking does in fact have effective counterplay options! \o/

I can’t believe I got you to admit this. I am going to print that post out and put it on a t-shirt.


That certainly is an unhealthy mindset. Perhaps they can be made to love it.

im in favor of pewing so god pewing for you guys o7

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