[UI] 3 UI ideas

  1. can we add a search tool to the in-game notepad?
  2. can we add a button to the exit-config, just near the “log off” button, which enables us to go back to the character selection panel, so that we can switch characters without closing the client?
  3. can we add an in-game timer tool?

This is not a simple thing to do nor is it a “UI” change. The function to “Logout” (to the character selection screen) is not coded into the game. It’s more or less like telling CCP to start from scratch and that would probably take at least a full year, if not more, to redevelop EVE.

What do you want this “Timer” to do? Be a bit more specific…

something like 1 minute (or some longer time) count-down.

I suspect the ‘timer’ is like the app on your phone.

  • Start a timer that counts down from a time chosen by the user.
  • Stop watch.
  • Alarm?

If you use Windows 10, it has a timer functionality built in.

Step 1: Press the windows key
Step 2: Type “alarm”
Step3: Press return key.
Step 4: You now can setup a timer.

No. UNIX has fork() and exec() for decades to do this in a few lines of code. Short before ending the process have the process fork and execute itself again.

Worst case effort for CCP would be to implement something similar if Windows doesn’t already have it. Cygwin, which is free, has these calls implemented. So this cannot take a whole year to implement.

The one other thing it might need doing is to refresh the access token, which is also not too difficult.

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