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At the moment I’m working organizing all my items in several citadels and sorting everything in different station containers.

So I tried to name a station container for blueprints weapons, but I already had the name with T2 behind it but that blocked for most part the ability to press OK (or cancel)

I know it’s something silly but I thought it might be worth pointing out.
The example below is not my suggestion but a retarded hotfix in an emergency situation.


Please none reply to this, if you’re going to want to have a serious discussion about something this small you’re really retarded :family_woman_girl_boy::sob::poultry_leg:

(Wander Prian) #2

Have you tried, you know, clicking on the window to get the suggestion to go away so you can hit ok?

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #3

Yes that works, i know that :tajikistan:

(Wander Prian) #4

Then why do we need to waste devtime on this as there isn’t any issue to fix?

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I don’t know if you ever had schooling, but when you come with something like this to your teacher it will tell you to clear it up. :sun_behind_small_cloud:
Just tell him or her “but if you click over there it goes away” :weight_lifting_woman:
Just ask yourself first why you would waste your own time the first place :baby:

(Wander Prian) #6

Because that is kinda how this works. You come up with a shitty idea and others players shoot it down.

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If you think that’s your job, as long as it makes you happy :golfing_woman:

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Last I checked, this was a forum for a game where anyone is free to post as long as they follow the rules.

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(Wallyx) #10

Did you try hitting “Enter” on your keyboard?

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #11

No :thailand:

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@The_AntiChrist666_Diablo13 If you dont want to discuss things, i recommend you stop creating threads. I advice you to stop your trolling behaviour.

Thread closed.

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