UK TZ Alpha looking for 0.0 rental corp

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I started this character nearly 4 years ago, never really bothered with it past the trial period. Skip forward to alpha clones and again a half interest in the game, and I must say with a lot of help from people in the NPC corp channel, I have finally got to the stage where I can fly a VNI, which was what I was told to go for. Whilst training for the VNI I have been doing Project Discovery, so hopefully have the Isk to buy the ship and fit.

Now throw in some youtube videos and I can see that about 30 hours per month in 0.0 space will take me from alpha to Omega. So now I am already looking at training a second account as although I work shifts, I’d probably be putting in around 120 hours a month (seeing plenty of surplus isk now).

So I now have an interest in the game, know that I need a 0.0 home, but don’t know what I should be doing with the Isk likely to be made. I am told how much Isk can be made ratting in a Carrier etc etc, but I don’t know why you would risk a ship which requires a lot more attention and clicks than you could make. Carrier = bout again 30 hours of ratting for the hull, so if a ship is lost it sets you back a lot more than a VNI. Is an Ishtar worth the extra training ?

So basically I am willing and able but looking for guidance. I would prefer that anybody looking for a pilot like myself send me a mail, as I have seen the copy paste replies on here to other threads, and sometimes to topics where the OP joined his new corp 3 days earlier than some of the replies.

So if you got anything for me please mail me, and many thanks in advance.

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Eve mail sent

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Hey mate, give me a shout ingame or here! Cyntech Inc. is looking for more pilots and would be happy to help guide you!

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Join our discord and I’ll be happy to message you myself with details about my corp :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the mails so far, still searching though.

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Still looking.

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Eve mail sent

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Still deciding

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Bank Holiday bump.

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Bank holiday response come check us out

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The Flagon- laid back corp/o.o nullsec /pvp/pve/indy players wanted check us out m8

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Bump again.

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Any 0.0 will do, does not have to be rental.

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