Ultra Potato Mode - Warp Disruption Bubbles

Love the ultra potato mode, except for 1 thing, I cant see bubbles in the space, is there a way that a static bubble could be displayed, like the one that shows you where your bomb will land and its AOE, or the bubble you see when you look at the range of a cyno on your tactical overlay, when in Ultra Potato Mode.


Might consider add bursts and smartbombs to that list, possibly using simplified-but-unambiguous graphics.

Make it a bubble effect button above the HUD like the burst effect buttons or weather effect buttons. That way you don’t need to add graphics load in space and can the same functionality.

However while this would be useful in and out of potato mode, you wont be able to navigate out of bubbles as they can overlap. even in potato mode there still some level of spatial awareness.

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