Unable to copy files form TQ and then missing a folder related to WINE

I submitted a ticket a week ago and got two responses from two different GMs but no resolution has been reached so hopefully someone here can help. When first logging in I was receiving an error message saying that it could not copy files from TQ. I was told to go into my shared cache folder and delete the TQ folder but when I looked it wasn’t there. I was then advised to delete my ResFolder and restart the launcher, which didn’t fix it either. After being transferred to another GM for help, I was asked to verify the integrity of my downloaded files in the shared cache folder. I was not able to as I received an error message saying some indices are missing. I have not heard back as to what to do next. I am now getting an error message saying I’m missing a folder in my shared cache folder related to WINE -screenshot attached. Not really sure what this is.

A couple other things I have done so far has been to delete the entire shared cache folder and delete the cookies and cookies journal files. I have also deleted and reinstalled the launcher twice.

Thank you for any help.

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