Unable to log into singularity server

So I try to log into my account on singularity and comes back with popup you have been sent an email with an activation code.
Never got the email, changed emails since I though maybe the server was not working but still nothing. Miss the mass test and was wondering if you could look into this for me.
Thank you
Thomas Jackson aka Waldo Kado

three things:

  1. Singularity is in the exact same state, with regards to your characters and accounts, as it was when the backup was made on March 15th (I believe Mar 15th is the backup that was used for the Mar 21 deployment). If your account did not exist, or had different email/passwords at that time, then you need to use THOSE email/passwords for verification (if it didn’t exist, you did not get copied).
  2. If you have 2-factor Authentication enabled, it doesn’t work on Sisi. this is a known ‘bug’, and I’m not 100% sure if they’re addressing it.
  3. check your spam folders. If you use gmail, check the Promotions folder, etc.

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