Unable to refresh token for character: 2115458989

I’ve got 4 accounts and I’m currently running v1.43
I get this error for only one toon: Unable to refresh token for character: 2115458989
I’ve re-added the toon several time but I’m getting the same error each time.
Anyone else getting this?

Weird, you can contact me on discord(id: hundasupa) and I can guide you how to get me the error code that’s being output behind the scenes.

The logic to remove the character upon that error was improved in 1.5
You can try doing CTRL+F5 in the sidebar after hitting the delete button on him, and hope readding will solve it.

Otherwise, DM me on discord and I can step your through some debugging

When I restarted after ctrl+F5 the same error popped up - but then I restarted Excel. The error was there so I added the character again and it seems to be working. Thanks so much for your help and willingness to chat via discord. If the error happens again I’ll reach out.

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