Unattractive scaling of the main EVE Online logo

(Rain Kaessinde) #1

The EVE Online logo at the top left – you know, this thing

that takes you back to the home page if you click on it? It isn’t being displayed at its native size. It’s a 460x70 image, smashed down to 263x40 to fit in the top bar. And, being a sharp-edged white-on-black thing, scaling gives it a nasty case of blur.

The old forums actually do this too, but it’s less obvious there since (depending on theme) it’s on some kind of soft space-y nebula background and the blur looks more like a questionable outer glow. The new stark monochrome look, though, is about as forgiving as the average EVE player.

Can the big prominent brand-waving logo on top of the page get some love? :heart:

(guigui lechat) #2

<3 ^^


Yeah well, god forgives. We do not.