Unclaimed Citidel?

I was warping around systems picking up items I just bought when I decided to check out the other stations for missions, when I docked in one citidel that was unclaimed. It had a name like Engineering Complex, or something I don’t recall I visited alot in system. I didn’t claim it, because I’m just an alpha and not sure if I could or really should at this point.
I’m wondering if I should, could I benefit from this place, would it actually cost me ISK to keep it, or is it too much to handle not being overly experienced in Eve.
I bookmarked the site with a note because I was going to a few other systems. How do I find the bookmarks with my notes? I usually leave something in a place I want to return but, that doesn’t tell me the mission level like the notes do and I can’t seem to find it.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

You can’t “claim” a citadel. The owner probably just set it to public docking. If there are public services too, you can use it like a customer.

Upwell structures always belong to a player corporation, their services need fuel to operate, and you need a fleet to defend it against attacks of other players.

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Hahaha, thats cute.

If only this was a real thing. There are a lot of shitty citadels stinking up hisec that could really benefit from this mechanic.

Was it a dockable citadel? If not then it could’ve been an unanchored citadel (at that point an object in space) and you could’ve scooped it.

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You have a menu item in your neocom called “People & Places”. Your bookmarks get saved there and you can make different folders for them to get them in order. If you are in a player run corp there are corp-bookmarks too. They can be incredible usefull.

You can (and should) read more about bookmarks here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Bookmarks
They are very likely to save your ship some day in the future - if you have them. :wink:

I docked inside, that’s where I saw the claim button in between undock and view outside

This button is to man the gunner’s seat. Just click on it. You should get an error message.

Thanks for the link, I forgot about that site and have been reading through it. I still can’t seem to find the actual notes I wrote down in the bookmarks, even looking in people and places, not sure if I’m missing something or just not clicking the right buttons. Everything goes to personal locations, and I can’t find them.

Have typed then in the textbox just below the name of the bookmark? These “notes” should only show up as a second line when you hover over or click on the bookmark in space as far as I know.
You can look at them when you rightclick on the bookmark and select the “edit bookmark” option.

Ok, that makes sense, thanx

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