Underrated skills for a generalist profession

Hello o7

Engineering and targeting skills aside…
Are there any skills that you guys find handy to have on any character regardless of the profession ?

Im thinking of training up some trading skills even though im not a trader or reprocessing skills even though im not an industrialist.


PI skills (as well as the skills to fly the Epithal). Especially if you live in low, null or WH space you can make a tidy little secondary income.


Oooh thanks, forgot about the PI skills.

Itty3 got renamed to Epithal ?D:

Like Giddy mentioned, PI

As well as the magic 14

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As an explorer I’d add in scanning skills. As you evolve in the game these become more or less vital, and learning them early can open up many additional options even to newer players.


For me that is Production and Mass Production.

While it seems useless to your typical player, it allows you to make your own ammo, ships and drones. Instead of being at the mercy of the market.

Always handy to have.

Research and invention skills. You can make a handy profit from alts being able to research 11 BPO’s at a time, BPO max-run copies, or from invention. Even if you have no use for the BPO’s or invented T2 BPC’s they can be sold at a much higher price than the original, unresearched BPO. Players are willing to pay quite a bit for BPO’s they don’t have to spend time on researching. Your alts could be doing this 24/7 in the background.

If you don’t have a trade alt, the get the skills for reducing tax costs, and related trading skills etc trained up. Good way to save money on buying and selling.

How about biology? It can double duration of Cerebral Accelerators.

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