Is it possible to sell the Mini Skill Injector that you get at the start?

I just got started playing EVE Online, and so far I’m impressed on what I’ve seen so far.
I’m now at the point where I have to get ready for a counter-attack against the Drifters.

I got an item called ‘Mini Skill Injector’ that’s apparently estimated to be worth a lot. I’m thinking of selling it, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Should I sell it?

People used to farm those (because, alpha characters are free - just do the tutorial up to that point and then sell the injector, then delete the alpha character and repeat). So as a result CCP declared that an exploit, then modified things so it can’t be sold, I think. Right-click it and see if you have a “sell” option.

Ah, dang it. There’s no sell option. So there’s no way to sell it as a anti-exploit feature?

Guessing there’s no option that to use it-And the skill queue’s done.

I’m not sure why your skill queue is done, did you max out all the alpha skills? You’re supposed to keep that skill queue going by dragging more skills to it. And also buying skills off the market to add to it and keep training.

Sort your character sheet skills by “all skills”, and any of the skills that are white / grey (unlocked for Alpha), right-click those and “check market” to see what they cost. Most of them are in the 20k ISK range, and are basic core skills that all pilots need. The tutorial will eventually send you to do career missions, and those are really easy missions that give you a whole bunch of free ships, skills, and ISK. If you sell the ships you don’t want to use, you can end up with approx. 10 million ISK from the career missions, and 10 million ISK should be sufficient to buy you almost all the Alpha skills listed in your character sheet.

As far as the injector, it adds raw points, you can inject it and the points will stay in your character sheet until you decide to apply them to something. Basically you can use that injector now and keep the points unused in your char sheet until later, when you have a skill you want to “finish now” rather than later. It’s also not a lot of points, in the grand scheme of things. Probably 2-3 days of training.

EDIT: To give you an idea, you start with 30 or so skills in your character sheet; the typical pilot has 150 or more different skills (we buy them from the market). Skills can be categorized broadly like this:

  • Ship skills - train the ships that you want to fly, to 4 squares, to get max bonuses from them.

  • Weapon skills - train the weapons that your ships use (hybrid guns? missiles? drones?) to get good DPS performance from these weapons. You’ll see some skills in each weapon category that improve tracking, range, damage, energy consumption, etc., all of those also improve the performance of your weapon, and should be trained.

  • Support skills - engineering, navigation, armor, shields, targeting, rigs, etc. - all ships benefit from bigger shields, armor, faster speed, etc., train these to 4 squares as you go. Each of these categories has a number of skills; for example, for shields, you train for bigger shields, faster recharge of shields, a number of damage resistance skills, etc. All (except the ones that say “for capital ships”) are useful and should be trained.

  • Miscellaneous / Industry skills - train as desired, although it’s nice to have more market trade slots, ability to mine or make ammo or modules in a pinch, etc.

You drag a skill to the queue repeatedly until you’ve trained all the squares in it (or as many squares as you want). Training stuff to 2 squares opens up a lot of prerequisites, to 3 is pretty good performance, and to 4 or 5 is what’s expected when you get to the bigger more expensive ships (cruisers, etc.).

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