Understanding gravimetric signal strength

Hello all, I’m a returning player and I was looking for some kind of rating scale concerning the numerical value of the gravimetric signal strength of my ship.

If my gravimetric signal strength is 10.00 does that mean I have a 90% chance to be jammed, and 90.00 means I have a 10% chance to be jammed?

I’m trying to make sense of this.


the larger the number, the less chance you have of being jammed.

That makes sense, but am I just hoping my number is higher than my attacker?

The chance of a successful jam is a fractional affair. The strength of the jammer is the numerator, and your ship’s sensor strength is the denominator.

For example, if your attacker has a jam strength of 3 vs gravimetric, and your ship has a gravimetric sensor strength of 4, then the odds of a jam going off successfully are 3/4, or 75%.

Because of this, no amount of sensor strength will ensure you won’t be jammed. The numerator will always be at least above 0 and even a one in a hundred chance will prove it is not zero about 1% of the time.

Jams are not as scary as they used to be, though. Every jammed ship can target every ship jamming them. If a fleet comes after you with two of them getting successful jams, you can target both of the jamming ships freely. The more ships with successful jams on you, the more ships you’ll be able to target. You just won’t be able to target any ships that aren’t jamming you until you deal with the jammers first.

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Alright, thank you Qia Kare, I think I may be grasping the concept much better than before, the jamming ship cannot use it for self-defense, but only fleet support.

Regardless I will always have something to shoot at in a fight.

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