[UNF-A]{MegaProject}MHC-R3 System and Planetary Infrastructure Development

It has been fifteen days now since the final extraction and mass translocation of assorted planetary and orbital infrastructure under the jurisdiction of House Brezia and the United Neopian Federation out of the system of Eugales, to MHC-R3 on the edge of Syndicate.

In this time, our various friends, allies, and associates have made significant headway in re-establishing standard operations.

The Masariin Gazaar arcology complex has successfully been re-stabilized on the surface of MHC-R3 VI, and the Orbital Ring project in orbit is being repositioned to reconnect the tether spool for ease of surface to orbit transfers.

The Jenara Secondary Platform has been successfully re-opened to incoming traffic and is once again accepting embassy complex applications as well as business ventures and social activities within its habitation sections.

Supplemental Docking and Construction Platform Alta is also mostly back online, and a significant proportion of House Brezia and ArSec security fleets are currently basing from it and the main ring. Active patrols of Advanced Pattern Evo craft and Nightingale Multi-Role craft are also being based from many of the secondary hangars of this platform. Additionally, Neopian combat and support vessels are actively basing from surface, Alta, and the Primary Ring, further augmenting these security patrols, with secondary stagings on the surface of and in orbit of MHC-R3 III.

Near on a dozen more secondary platforms are currently in the process of re-activation to further augment the Ring’s capabilities and bring them above the limitations of the established setup in our previous location, and many more tertiary defensive installations to follow, and are expected to be staffed by House Brezia defense forces, and Neopian Military regulars.

No longer being quite as heavily… restricted… as we were in space with notable inhabitation, Glitter Edifice, Rose Eagle, Perigee Overmind Alphus, and our many other non-organic citizens have made significant headway in major expansion of defensive protocols and have begun the preliminary work for the start of a second planetary Ring around MHC-R3 III, and begun heavy fortification of all Neopian colonies within system, pre-existing and recently translocated. This fortification process will take time of course, as will dedicating the resources for a second ring, but many lessons have been learned in the continuing process of the original ring project, many optimizations, and now no longer needing to be so… covert… with some of the methods, it is feasible to do so.

House Brezia and the United Neopian Federation fully intend to follow through on all previous agreements or committments that have not already been previously and amicably vacated, including providing limited DRM access to proprietary and novel terraforming equipment and techniques to the Kabar restoration initiative, and all Neopian Infrastructure henceforth, in MHC-R3 and elsewhere, is to be considered a freehaven for all non-capsuleer immortals whether they be Clonesoldier, Clone Pilot, or enhanced MTAC operators, so long as they abide local administration and tracking requirements. For such individuals, membership in a Round Table Assembly recognized warclone clan is strongly recommended and encouraged.

Any baseline individuals on UNF infrastructure currently translocated to MHC-R3 that does not wish to remain, who are not currently under extended working contract with House Brezia, the Brezia Companion Services, or other affiliated entities will be provided safe passage to destinations of their choice.

The Brezia Companion Services Central Branch Office is also back open and accepting clients, consultations, and events, and the Admin Hub pleasure fortizar in Archavoinet remains in full and consistent operation.

Much remains to be done, and I’m sure there will be many questions on procedure, the activities, and much more… and likely some will be less than pleased by our continued commitments to development and megastructural engineering, but we are prepared to continue onward.

To those that intend to intimidate or threaten, you will find that, we have made adequate preparations prior to this newest announcement to ensure that if necessary, attempts at assault will be much more… ill-advised.

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Things continue to settle in well thus far, all previously accessible platforms are back open and operating at their previous capacity or greater, and the aggressive construction programs currently overseen by Warminds Glitter Edifice and Rose Eagle continue to show great promise.

At this time and for the foreseeable future, construction efforts near planet III’s orbit will avoid orbital pathing that intersect with that of Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive’s astrahus in the sphere of influence, and Ring expansion in orbit or planet VI will continue to grow unimpeded.

Glitter Edifice floated a number of quite interesting ideas for additional habitation zone expansion, such as planetary orbital plates, as well as further novel defensive technologies derived from assorted sources, and an effort to build a new gas giant transatmospheric harvesting platform near planet VII, not disimilar to the one that was callously destroyed by CONCORD affiliated forces in Eugales, are underway for assorted exotic material collection.

A number of curious deposits have been noted across various moons and planetary surfaces in system, and Warmind Rose Eagle has been tasked with cataloguing these locations.

Planet I and Planet IV hav also been earmarked for aggressive resource harvesting operations, to be jointly overseen by Warmind Glitter Edifice, Warmind Perigee Overmind Alphus, and a large number of Civic Minds who have volunteered their technical expertise in extraction service adjacent industries to the effort.

The Reliquary platforms connected to the Orbital Ring are also back operational, and we are currently in talks with assorted sources and groups to acquire out various artifacts and relics that were previously gathered or garnered in Eugales.

As these turbulent times press in, Life continues and goes on.


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With the Operation: Darting Finch wargames currently underway, the MHC-R3 Superproject is imposing a temporary travel limitation on residents at various colonies on or near worlds that are component to the Wargames, to ensure that there are no incidents of Accidental Death and Dismemberment of non-backed up personnel or individuals

There will also be some technology demonstrations, tours, and more held at the MHC-R3 Orbital Ring, particularly at the Alta Shipyard Platform, and Jenara Habitation Platform over the course of the wargames

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