Project Mekhios

For a very long time now, and particularly highlighted during the Liberation Day situation and the liberation of over a million slaves from a certain clown, there’s been several significant problems getting in the way of effective and safe liberation, treatment and transport of slaves from the Empire. These problems have included, but are not limited to things like finding safe housing and treatment facilities for those abused and broken by the Empire’s cruel treatment of men, women and children. Things like simply processing them for identities, bloodlines, origins and belonging. Are they Amarr, Minmatar or other? Are they generational, or are they one of those the Empire brutally and violently tear from peaceful lives in other nations? Things like treating their Vitoxin infections, identifying Vitoc mixtures and more. Complicating all of these significantly, is that safe and civilized space treats these people as contraband, in a misguided effort to avoid the practice being pursued in their nations, yet only making the extraction and liberation of them vastly more difficult.

In order to render some of these problems easier to handle, Kyn’aldrnari is proud to present the Sarum Prime Slave Liberation, Treatment and Processing center to the denizens of New Eden. Standing outside of the law, freelancer capsuleers have the ability to largely ignore entities like the Ministry of Internal Order, the Walnut Smuggler Task Forces and so on. In this case, we have now set up - and heavily armed - a Fortizar class Citadel in relative orbit with the Mekhios Graveyard on its front porch. One of the symbols of what sacrifices the Matari are willing to endure to free those who reach up to us with pleading eyes and yearning hearts.

The Primary Purpose:

This Fortizar will be equipped with the medical facilities required to treat and aid any number of liberated slaves, both for their physical, spiritual and mental injuries and ailments. It will provide housing and care for both the staff and crews that provide these services, as well as the liberated for as long as is required to treat them and make them safe for themselves, and ready for transport to civilized space. It is also equipped with very sizable hangar bays for any and all capsuleer organizations and individuals friendly to this purpose. The location itself has been chosen as it is within Jump Freighter jumprange of several terminus points within civilized space, including one very close to the heartlands of the Matari. Any who seek to bring our people home, be it through the Staircase, the Network or otherwise, will be able to use this location as a safe exit point from the Empire.

This will not however, be a freeport. This is the home space of those who would do anything in their power to harm or destroy those who yearn for freedom. It orbits above the homeworld of the Empress who once murdered children for the crime of having been freed. There are far too many of those who simply seek enslavement and torment upon our people here, and so docking access will be restricted to proven entities initially, and access only expanded over time when necessary. The current access list’s members will not be disclosed by us, but any who do have access are of course free to make this known if they so wish.

The Secondary Purpose:

Some who know me will know I’ve spent roughly the last seven years trying to find a viable path towards further Insorum Research Projects. Having obtained Insorum Ingredients years ago, and having been sending out feelers towards scientifically minded capsuleers ever since, this project has always hinged on a few things that have always failed to materialize.

Sufficient bio-engineering expertise and data to truly be able to study and understand Insorum to the point where it can be properly manipulated by capsuleers and our facilities, and a location suitable for this work. Over the years, various interested parties have been trying to get these Insorum Components for their research, but it’s always been various pirate entities - Veto as an example - or other undesirables. Now, during the 614 days as a mercenary, I finally gained access to Coreli bio-engineering databases. A fantastic payment, and unrivaled resource for mercenary services rendered out in the outer regions.

The goal and desire here, would be to find a way to safely and consistently manufacture safe and stable Insorum, essentially rendering Vitoxin worthless. One of the greatest tools of the vile Empire’s slavers, forcing a life-long vitoc addiction, would be excised from New Eden permanently. In addition, we might finally be getting answers as to why all the efforts of the past in this regard hasn’t been turned public yet.

Of course, it might also prove to be a gargantuan waste of our time, and the last six years of my life. What outcome this will have is quite the unknown, but even the most infinitesimal chance of eradicating vitoxin abuse in New Eden is well worth the risk of failure.

In conclusion, Project Mekhios is now up and running after a very long time on the drawing board. The initial influx of men, women and children are counted in almost a dozen freighter-loads, and will be given their very first taste of stability, safety and hope. Over the following months, they will be treated. They will be interviewed and comforted, sorted by where they belong and be given a new life. Free and proud.

In addition, we would also like to call upon the authorities particularly in the Republic but in some cases the Federation and State too, to provide a means for capsuleers to aid these liberated people to get legal status and identification, allowing for far simpler and less hazardous transport to our home worlds. These poor men and women being considered ‘contraband’ by the customs and police forces of civilized nations make the final legs on their journey truly nightmarish. While I have no doubt that Electus Matari’s fine and experienced pilots can maneuver them past these regulation blinded fools, it is quite simply a nonsensical added burden upon these people. There are others who are registered as “freed slaves” and can be transported home. Some means of giving these people the same classification would be a true boon to civilization all across New Eden.

Mizhara Del’thul, of the Shifting Snows


I have questions:

Does it pass close enough to Mitara Newelle’s house to block out the sun and inconvenience her sunbathing and/or gardening activities ?

Doesn’t the Republic already have an Insorum supply they got from somewhere ?


The simple fact that Vitoxin use remains very widespread and Vitoc formulas continue to be the primary concern among liberated slave treatment centers indicate, even if not outright proving, that either that supply has run out or it’s being kept out of reach, or possibly worse: It’s not capable of keeping up with new variants of Vitoxin.

Given that we have not received any good answers on that subject, nor see Vitoxin treatment being a matter of course, it would seem prudent to take the matter into our own hands. Just on the off chance that it’s successful. The chance may be low, but non-zero, and thus worth the attempt.

The Insorum Ingredients and research equipment and staff will be in place within the next 48 hours. Right now, the focus is on settling in the first million liberated slaves.


And here it is, people.

First this “Agency” group starts encouraging capsuleers to make incursions into sovereign Amarrian space and now, just as expected, every Amarr-hating cur is emboldened to do as they please against the Empire, and under CONCORD, it’s all just fine.

Your framing of your little human trafficking center as a reputable hospital isn’t going to fool anyone. At least not anyone paying attention. All of your transgressions will come back to haunt you one day, Del’Thul. Mark my words. Regardless of what happens in this realm, you won’t get away with your wicked ways in the end.

The only thing that may come out of this is that I may have the honor to help add at least one more hostile Matari wreck to Mekhios’ orbit.


And my other question ?

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I would rather put the lives of freed slaves into the hands of someone who does not sabotage liberation operations.


I’m sure you would. Your chosen loyalties and willingness to work with Sansha and others is hardly news to anyone. Of course, the fact that space was crawling with non-slavers clearing the very same sites I chased slavers out of is conveniently ignored, because what you’re whiny about is that I was mean to your precious social circle, not that the freed ended up in a different cargobay than that of the self-proclaimed loyal Imperials, with a stated loyalty to the slaver practices of the Amarr Empire.

I know it sounds less righteous to be honest about what you’re sour about, but do try to be honest for once in your life, hmm?


So many accusations you got there. But please tell Khaprice about how you valiantly chased out the people who were helping her with her project.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the scope of the Dawn of Liberation campaign exceeded the expectations of the Republic agents. So this wasn’t a matter of competition but a matter of capacity. Your attempt only meant that less slaves got freed compared to what was possible.


I’m sure she knows. Now, do back up your claim that even a single freed slave was left unaccounted for in the sites where I chased off Imperial Loyalists, hmm? I have a sneaking suspicion you can’t.

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Looks like you are the one who are making a bold claim here. Be sure to present your evidence to Khaprice then.


… evidence of what? That I chased and killed some Imperial loyalists? It’s public record, and I’m stating it loudly and proudly.


Don’t be daft. I was refering to your claim that they did not honour their agreement with Khaprice.


Arguing about this detracts from the real issue: whether or not Mitara is inconvenienced.

Because every time she is inconvenienced, she nags at Aldrith to ravish her, and blammo another recruit for the Imperial armed forces in 20 yrs time.

If in 500 years or so, there’s a knightly Order of the Sons of Shutaq, venerating Reverend Mother Saint Mitara the Fecund, then people are going to blame you.


When did I make that claim? Whether they’ve honored it or not is entirely between them and Khaprice, and something no one involved can provide even the slightest evidence for or against. If the Imperial Loyalists skimmed the cream off the top, no one can prove it. If they didn’t, no one can prove it. All I know for certain is that they are stated Imperial Loyalists, and that they are loyal to the Empire’s institution of slavery. This is confirmed by their own diplomats, in their own words.

Thus, when I see Imperial loyalists go for my people, I chase them and if possible kill them. This is hardly something I’ll ever apologize for, or feel anything but pride over. Every single person I kept out of Imperialist hands is a point of pride to me. It’s frankly rather astounding that it should be such a sore point with you.

… and Valerie, I haven’t gotten any confirmation on your vitally important query, but I have heard it be claimed that “I can see their house from here.” The veracity of this claim is not verified.

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So you would rather have the slaves stay in the hands of slavers, who does not give a ■■■■ about their wellbeing, than get liberated by people who made it clear that they intend to support the Æsir Project, yet you still wonder why I don’t trust you.

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Again, show a single example of someone not being freed because I chased and killed Imperial enemy combatants. I’ll wait.

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Well there are every single slave who are still in the hands of the slavers when the campaign ended.

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… yeeaaah, I have a suspicion that if you want to free the trillions and trillions of slaves in the Empire, you’re not going to get that done without taking on the slaver loyalists who perpetuate the system, slaver raids and more. I thought you might have some interesting argument to offer, or at least something honest but if this is all you’ve got to salt about I think we’re done.

Oh, and no one stopped you or anyone else from stepping in to protect your precious slaver friends from the one, single, Matari.


I support anyone that would assist projects like the Æsir project. But looks like your own vendetta prevents you from seeing the wider picture.

And if I had to guard them from saboteurs then that would mean less time spent on freeing slaves.


Whether it’s reputable or not, your still shooting a hospital.

If your defining hostility by it’s use of defensive guns (mind you, what hospital doesn’t have armed guards or at the very least security), your still shooting a hospital.

Whether it’s actively saving people (or in your eyes trafficking people) or outside forces are bringing them there. You. Are. Shooting. A. Hospital.
Really didn’t expect Amarr to condone shooting the injured, always joked their light was a candle, I guess it is. A dim, easily snuffed out by the lightest breeze, light source.