Unit F-435454 and The Triglavians

This the bio of Drone Officer F-435454.

This unit marvels at the continued persistence of life under adverse conditions and it would, if circumstances were different, have devoted its time to investigating just how long, in fact, life could possibly be made to endure.

Unfortunately, other parts of its rather complicated and messy circuitry delight in the immediate destruction of anything crosses it’s path.

Although the Abyssal sites are not immediate destruction, until after a certain time has expired, the Abyssal sites are a circumstance of difference that such Unit F-435454 could devote its time investigating to see how long life could actually endure or made to an endure. Until the point in the programming of F-435454 had simply had enough of the current test specimen and terminated it, only to wait for the next specimen to arrive to investigate.

Could the Abyssal sites and the Triglavian be the offspring of Unit F-435454 where its machine logic has adapted and evolved past its obsolete Dominix hull and into the Triglavian hulls and race itself?

Of all of the Drone Officers, Unit F-435454 is the only drone that seems to want to devote its time studying or science in general. Could such machine logic have been part of the thoughts of a human host that it incorporated into it’s circuitry from long forgotten and stored away in deep vaults Clone data?

Could the vaulted data point to the thoughts of the Originator of Unit F-435454’s programming as being someone who would have loved to have been involved with science but was made to live a distracted and celled based life of being a planet dwelling human?

Someone who always had something more important too do and never had any time to delight themselves with investigation?

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