United Warriors [UWAR] - Triumvirate - BlitzKrieg - Recruting active players for Nullsec!

United Warriors is an established corporation founded in 2006. We have a long-established PVP history and now we are part of Triumvirate Alliance in Insmother. We are looking for more pilots to fill our ranks and help us build a strong community and have fun doing so.

What do we need :

:arrow_right: Active players
:arrow_right: English spreakers - Working mic.
:arrow_right: PVP Oriented, but also industrials are welcome as we try to raise our industrial backbone.
:arrow_right: EU TZ

What can we offer :slightly_smiling_face:

:arrow_right: Strong Leadership
:arrow_right: PVP Focused Corp
:arrow_right: Industrial Alts to build stuff
:arrow_right: Whale Hunting
:arrow_right: No Drama atmosphere
:arrow_right: Mature enviroment - RL comes first
:arrow_right: Small skirmish warfare up to big fleet fights

For more information lets have a chat in UWAR public channel. Or contact Ailok Konem or MinmatarCitizen2323

Corp KB : https://zkillboard.com/corporation/735418530/

Corp Videos:

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I confirm what Ailok sais. Friendly and mature corp.

all pilots welcome … we need indy pilots too to build our fleets
watch the vids , this is regular :slight_smile:

Great community.

Whatever the guys above write, i am running the corp.
Join us for some fun times.


boom boom bump

Hi Shark! My turn now for the daily bump.

So far is going well. Join UWAR in game.

up up up … get in whilst you can

its a long and winding road :slight_smile:

Back to top!

keep it coming guys … only a little room left … recruit closing soon

up up up

I just made some more room for potential warriors.

Still recruiting.

how do I apply?


Please join UWAR channel in game, and ask for a recruiter.

Recruitment still open

Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment.